10 best tabletop simulator workshop games

Table simulator is a game that can be found on Steam. True to its name, it attempts to replicate the experience of sitting around a table playing a board game, with physics-based models, high levels of customization, and even a VR mode. The base game comes with several board games, and more are available through DLC purchases.

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One of Table simulator the greatest strengths can be found in the Steam Workshop, where you can find mods created by the community. There are thousands of add-ons, from small assets for use in larger games, to full-fledged games in their own right. These ten games are among the highest ranked in the workshop, standing above the rest as impressive examples of what can be done with the simulation program.

ten Gloomhaven – GabrielM and Kijan’s fantastic setup lets players experience the hit game digitally

fantastic gloomhaven setup in tabletop simulation cards laid out on the table

Gloomhaven is a fantasy tactical game combining simple RPG mechanics with a modular tile-based board. Players work together to explore the dungeons and defeat the monsters that live there. It contains a branching story that responds to player actions, truly pushing the boundaries of what a board game can be. This unofficial digital version faithfully reproduces the physical version, which was created by Isaac Childres & Cephalofair Games. He uses Table simulator scripting and user interface capabilities to streamline much of the paperwork contained in the physical version.

9 The rug everyone had by Griftz is pure nostalgia

carpet everyone had a car carpet

While not necessarily a game in itself, The rug that everyone had will be instantly recognizable by thousands of TTS players. It just imports an object bearing the classic road map mat found in many playrooms, dentists’ offices, daycare centers, and anywhere else where children could be found from the 90s onwards. The rug that everyone had doesn’t include any games, it’s not hard to find something to do with this iconic map. It could be used as a card for a game like Gas lands, or even form the basis of a brand new game yet to be designed.

8 HeroQuest Master Edition (all expansions) by multiple authors is the best thing about HeroQuest

heroquest miniature table simulator painted in front of a cardboard fireplace

The classic board game HeroQuest has recently seen a resurgence, with a new release hitting shelves in 2021. This TTS item predates the new update, with digital versions of the old base game and its expansions. The iconic multi-colored plank is set in a bedrock, while the CEO’s perspective is concealed behind a screen that will be instantly recognizable to any seasoned man. HeroQuest players. Miniatures are available in painted, unpainted and cardboard die-cut versions. The pieces of land all have their old-fashioned cardboard and plastic look.

seven Root + All Expansions By Xoe, Mr McChew and Eldin is an alternative to the official digital version

tabletop root simulator with red marauder pawns covering the board

Root already has a fantastic digital edition, also available on Steam, but the Table simulator Aesthetically sized version one to the actual table game.

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Players each take on the role of a different faction of woodland creatures vying for control of their forest environment. Root is a pretty complicated game, and it’s best played by people familiar with the rules – either from the official digital version or having played it in person.

6 Star Wars Legion by Decaf, Tieren and Aldaran Moses grants players free access to miniatures

star wars legion tabletop simulator mos eisly spaceport map with millennium falcon

One of the biggest barriers to entry found in miniature war games is cost. Miniature sets can be extremely expensive, especially if you want to have enough of them to build a decent army. Star Wars Legion to Table simulator fixes this problem for anyone looking to try out the latest miniatures game in the Star wars universe. SWL features an extremely detailed terrain, dozens of models and a streamlined interface that keeps track of all the cards needed to play Star wars skirmishes.

5 Tabletop Simulator – Rob Ford’s codenames make the board game virtual

table of table simulator code names

Another game with an official and unofficial digital version Table simulator counterpart, Code names is a board game of word games and deduction. Players must give each other clues to link certain words and help their allies guess the right words before their opponents can do the same.

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This digital version has some advantages, including the ability to create and browse custom decks created by other users. Code names has a simple script that allows players to turn over cards while voting. Cards are not turned over until all allied players have agreed on their vote.

4 Clicking! [Scripted] By Gikerl and Irgnar

knocking table simulator

Clicking! is a hybrid deck-building board game that encourages players to try their luck exploring a deep cave without awakening the fearsome dragon lurking below. It is one of the many Clicking! mods on the TTS workshop. This includes a clean interface, scripts to automate setup, fill the buy line, draw cards, and clear played cards. A part of Clank! ‘S additional maps and expansions are supported, but the author has stated that there are no plans to update.


lego mod small house tabletop simulator

Another experiment to see what Table simulator can go beyond board games, Lego is a small collection of LEGO style bricks. Using the grid and hook system, the author did a good job replicating the feeling of building with the classic brick toy. The mod only includes a limited number of bricks, studs and plates, but it’s a fantastic proof of concept and a good way to experience the physics engine of Table simulator.

2 Shigggididingdong 3-player chess takes the old game crazy

3 player chess board

3 player chess is quite mind-blowing at first glance. The six-sided chess board includes three complete sets of chess pieces arranged opposite each other. 3PC is played like any other chess game, with players taking turns moving pieces to threaten their opponents and possibly attempt to capture opposing kings.

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The author has included detailed diagrams showing how each piece moves on the flower-shaped board. Anyone looking for a challenge can check out their other mod, 5 player chess.

1 Create your own animations! By DeJMan allows players to create art in the game

tabletop simulator you can animate bird frame with pencil drawing

Create your own animations! pushes the limits of what Table simulator is able to. It has a simple workspace where the player can draw and add new images and then play them back at varying speeds to create simple animations. Using the varying colors in the game, along with other brushes and shapes, the player can design almost anything they can imagine. Create your own animations! might not be a game, but it’s a great example of how Table simulator can be used as a digital space to build other tools, even simple tools that are just for relaxing.

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