10 best tile placement board games to play

There are many different game mechanics in the beautiful world of board games. The one that stands out is the tile placement. It can be integrated into many themes, from city building to more abstract games. Watching tiles come together to form something bigger is always very satisfying.

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Some tile placement games are great for beginners, while others offer a more complex experience, where you have to think hard about your strategy. Many games involve tile placement in one form or another, but which games are worth checking out first? Here is a wonderful selection of games that you will love to play with your friends.


ten My city

My City is an amazing city building game that you can play with up to four friends. Each has its own plot of land and each turn you reveal a building tile which must be placed inside. Everyone’s area will start to look completely different as you figure out where each building would be best placed to earn the most points.

Two versions of the game come in the box: the replayable version and a legacy campaign. The replayable version is great for introducing people to the hobby. It’s quick to learn and satisfying to play. But if you want to experience everything My City has to offer, start a campaign. Each time you play, you will add more features to your lands. By the end of the campaign, everyone’s colorful towns will be incredibly unique.

9 cat island

If you like cats, you must play this fantastic game. The goal is to save as many cats as possible from pirates. The game is full of cat tiles that you need to insert into your boat. Your cat passengers like to spread out in all sorts of shapes, making it a real headache to fit them in perfectly.

The game is great fun and it’s always nice to see how many cats you managed to save at the end of the five rounds. The game has a family mode to keep things simple for younger players. Still, for those addicted to this wonderful tile-placing game, there are also expansions to try. These expansions add kittens and beasts to enhance your strategies.

8 Akropolis

Akropolis is above all architects who design the best possible cities. The core of the game is easy to understand but difficult to master. You take a tile full of neighborhoods each turn and place it in your town. You not only need to consider their layout, but also how high they will be built. You can place each tile on top of the others. The higher the level of a district, the more its value increases.

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Akropolis is a fantastic two-player game, but can be played with up to four. Games of Akropolis are fast-paced, allowing you to play through them repeatedly, trying new strategies to defeat your opponents. Akropolis will make you feel like a talented architect.

seven UK

Kingdomino is a casual kingdom building game. You place tiles with different landscapes depicted around your castle. Kingdomino is easy to teach, fast and so much fun. This makes it a great filler game between longer board game sessions.

There’s also a standalone sequel called Queendomino that adds a bit more depth to the game, with unique tiles you can add to your kingdom. But, more often than not, it’s more enjoyable to play the original Kingdomino. Its simplicity makes it a relaxing and laid-back game that you can come back to over and over again. You can also play Kingdomino online at Board Game Arena when you can’t get a group together in person to play.

6 Cascadia

Cascadia is a tile-packed game. You will lay tiles to create natural habitats, then place animal tiles to inhabit those environments. The game is a bit of a puzzle as you need to place your animals in certain formations to earn more points. You’ll also get extra points for bigger environments you build.

There’s a lot going on in these tiles. The gameplay is simplistic, but a lot of strategy is also involved. The game also provides instructions for a wonderful single-player mode, where you can strive for your high score.

5 Suburb

If you like games like Sim City, you’ll have fun with Suburbia. It’s always rewarding to see the final state after a few fun spins of a game like Suburbia. The main goal is to have the most populated city, but achieving this is up to you and the tiles you place.

There’s a lot to consider when playing Suburbia. The placement of certain tiles will influence the expansion and development of your city. The more income you have, the more valuable buildings you can build. You’ll also have unique goals to complete that will help determine your strategy throughout.

4 Azul

For a more abstract experience, be sure to try Azul. Instead of building cities or placing animals, you’ll collect matching tiles to help build a beautiful tiled wall for a palace. The game is all about trying to grab the tiles you need before your friends. With this competitive nature, the game works equally well with two or four.

A game of Azul can go by quite quickly, as the round ends after someone completes an entire row on their board. This adds excitement to the game as everyone is wary of the game’s abrupt ending. Since Azul’s original release, several new editions have added their unique tricks to the core gameplay, but you can’t go wrong with the original.

3 Carcassonne

Carcassonne involves everyone using tiles to build a giant, sprawling piece of land filled with cities, roads, and more. The game is simple to learn. Simply place a tile on the ever-changing map and try to claim points by completing structures. Carcassonne can be as carefree or as competitive as you and your friends want it to be. It’s a modern classic that everyone should play at least once.

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There’s an app version of this game you can play, but it’s much more satisfying to create a sprawling world on a tabletop with your friends. The series has countless expansions that add fun new aspects to the base game. Standalone versions are worth checking out, like the Hunters and Gatherers variant, which sets the tile-laying game to prehistoric times. Whichever version you get, you’re in for a fun experience.

2 Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye looks like Carcassonne’s next stop. While Carcassonne is more like a gateway game for newcomers, Isle Of Sky takes the concept of creating a landscape and adds a few more elements to it. The main addition included is trade mechanics. You will put your tiles up for auction and the other players will buy your land back from you.

The Isle of Skye has several towers where different parts of your landscape will be rewarded with points. This often means adapting your strategy each turn to try and make the most of the terrain you’ve created. No matter how well you do on Isle Of Sky, it’s always nice to see how different everyone’s tiled realms turned out.

1 baren park

This game is ideal for animal lovers – it’s about building a zoo full of bears. You will fill your land with paddocks of different shapes. Once someone has filled all the spaces in their grid, the game ends and everyone’s points are counted.

Barenpark is a fast and light game, but with a lot of depth. This is especially true when you add in its Bad News Bears expansion, which introduces larger enclosures and monorails to add an extra layer to the complex puzzle. You have to be careful where you place your tiles. Each game will run by, making your party want to play again and lay down even more tiles.

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