10 harsh realities of being Dio Brando

The story of JoJo’s bizarre adventure was launched with the Ghost blood story arc, which introduced viewers to the hero, Jonathan Joestar, and his nemesis, the scheming Dio Brando. Dio was polite on the outside but cruel and selfish on the inside, and in the end Jonathan failed to kill him. Dio returned to the Stardust Crusaders story arc as DIO, a vampire overlord wielding a stand.

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At first it seems cool to be DIO, a powerful vampire with unique magical powers, and later a booth called The World. However, DIO’s life isn’t exactly glamorous, and in many ways being DIO would actually be a miserable experience with many difficult realities. No one should envy DIO and his difficult life.

ten Dio grew up in poverty

Dio always envied the wealth and prestige of the Joestar family in Victorian England, and it’s easy to see why. Dio grew up in a poor family with only his single dad to care for him, and it was clear that if things continued this way, Dio wouldn’t have gone anywhere in life.

If things had turned out differently, maybe Dio would have ended up as a laborer in London or neighboring towns, and it’s not a lifestyle to envy anyone, especially in a time like this. Dio had little or no chance of becoming rich or prestigious on his own.

9 Dio grew up with an ugly dad who never supported him

Dario hands a letter to Dio

Not only did Dio Brando grow up in poverty, his single father, Dario, was a lousy parent. Some single parents in the cartoons work hard to build their child’s future, but other single parents are careless, selfish, or even abusive, and all that describes Dario Brando.

Dario did little more than drink and loudly complain about the Joestars, whom he hated, and Dio didn’t miss him, even slightly, when he died. Dio challenged the Joestars, but only for his own reasons, not his father’s. Dio never had a happy family to call his own.

8 Dio is widely hated by everyone around him

Dio never received love or support from his father, and aside from the generous George Joestar, it seemed like no one else really loved Dio Brando either. Jonathan tried to love him as a foster brother, but Dio kept pushing him away and they quickly became enemies.

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Some brief scenes in by Jojo make it clear that Dio alienates just about everyone around him, intentionally or not, like when he annoyed a chess player and planted his face in his dinner party. Dio also didn’t make friends in Cairo in the 1980s. He is simply friendless.

7 Dio couldn’t keep his minions or his castle

Dio Brando - Human Experiences

At one point, Dio Brando had an entire castle to himself, like a true vampire king, and he also had a handful of weird, chimeric minions by his side. For a while Dio was good, but then he was defeated, and although he survived, he lost all of his minions and possessions.

When he returned as DIO in the 1980s, DIO had nothing but clothes on his back and he had to rebuild his empire from scratch, which must have been a chore. He had it all until suddenly he had nothing.

6 Jonathan Joestar could never be truly defeated

Dio Brando and his worst nemesis Jonathan have been arguing throughout Ghost blood, and Dio suffered defeat in their last clash at Dio Castle. Dio barely survived as a severed head, then fought Jonathan again on a ship bound for the United States.

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Dio overpowered Jonathan, but Dio was denied his final victory, which must have been terribly frustrating. No matter what Dio said or did, he couldn’t corrupt Jonathan or break his spirit, and Jonathan died happy. Dio would never have another chance to see Jonathan die in pain and misery.

5 Dio spent a century in a coffin in the ocean, all alone

Dio survived his second battle with Jonathan and he ended up locked in a coffin that sank in the ocean after the ship burned down. Dio spent a whole century alone in this coffin, which must have been very unpleasant, even for him. He had no chance of getting through this on his own.

Eventually, Dio’s luck changed when a team of unsuspecting fishermen dragged Dio’s coffin, and they didn’t realize the world’s strongest vampire was inside. It took Dio, now DIO, that long to get the chance to work for free again. He probably would have preferred a regular prison, given the choice.

4 The 80s are totally different from the 1880s

JoJo Bizarre Stardust Crusaders Roses Phone Fear

It seems that DIO overcame this particular problem without any major issues, but all the same, it must have been difficult for him to wake up from the Victorian era to the 1980s, a time of prosperity and wealth in Japan. Dio went from carriages and steamboats to automobiles and cellphones, just like that.

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It’s always tough for a character to have a Captain America moment, and DIO probably needed some time to stop and take stock of this new era he’s been living in. He will have to learn the culture, laws and norms of this new era if he intends to prosper again.

3 Jotaro Kujo is an unstoppable opponent

DIO was the strongest user of Stand in Stardust Crusaders, but he had stiff competition. DIO’s worst enemy was Jotaro Kujo, a high school student using Stand who had a sharp tactical mind to prop up those fists. No matter who DIO threw at Jotaro, Joestar’s hero prevailed.

It’s unclear how angry this DIO is, but it’s easy to imagine a villain frustrated and even worried about seeing his minions die one by one, fighting this seemingly unstoppable protagonist. Jotaro didn’t stop until he knocked on DIO’s door in Egypt.

2 Sunlight is deadly for vampires

Vampires are known to have a handful of weaknesses and vulnerabilities, from holy water crucifixes to wooden stakes. Their greatest weakness is, of course, the sun itself. Vampires are creatures of the night, and they burn to ashes if the sun’s rays hit them. DIO is no exception.

DIO was vulnerable to the sun in Ghost blood and Stardust Crusaders likewise, and after Jotaro defeated him, DIO vaporized when the morning sun of Egypt came, and there was nothing left of him. It’s strange that DIO chose such a sunny country for its new base of operations.

1 DIO can’t get his humanity back even if he wanted to

There is no sign that DIO ever regretted his decision to become a vampire in the original story, but if he ever regretted it, he was stuck as a vampire forever. He had no choice but to engage in a lifestyle of action and fearing the sun’s rays. In fact, even the mainstays couldn’t escape the drawbacks of being a vampire, with the exception of Kars at the very end.

Putting on the stone mask and becoming a vampire was a serious commitment, and once Dio let go of his humanity, there was no turning back. If a small part of Dio mourned the loss of his ordinary human life, there was nothing he could do about it.

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