4 reasons why people like to play chess

The story of exactly where chess originated or who invented the game is unclear, but what we do know is that it originated in India, around 1500 years ago.

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The game then spread across Persia and different parts of Asia. It then came to Europe through the Arabs, as they managed to reach Europe as they expanded their empire.

Although, as mentioned earlier, the exact history of how chess was invented is rather obscure, there is a legend that claims that a wise man invented chess to show the Indian king at the time, the King Shahram, the importance of each person in his kingdom. has been. Whether this legend is true or not, the fact is that it is one of the most popular games in the world.

Here are the 4 most important reasons why people enjoy playing chess so much. Let’s explore them and if you’re not a fan of chess yet, maybe you’ll change your mind.

1. It’s an amazing way to escape reality

When you play chess, you find yourself completely immersed in the game and your main objective is to know how to move the pieces without losing them to your opponent. You also find yourself thinking about different strategies and imagining the outcome of each move you plan to make.

Playing chess also helps you become more imaginative since you have to predict the outcome of every move you make. There are endless possibilities for everyone move around, so you can imagine different scenarios. Some people can even imagine the pieces in the most creative way.

Playing chess is also a great, positive way to escape real-life problems, as it is a constructive break from your problems. Unlike other games, this one helps you develop your mental skills by improving your memory and helping you to think creatively about various solutions to win the game, which helps you look at your own problems from a different perspective. different.

2. Helps you socialize

Chess is one of the most played games around the world, so you can meet new people and make new friends while playing it. Thanks to the Internet, you can play online games with people from different countries. If you’re a super-enthusiastic gamer, you can even sign up to join any tournament, whether local or international. Many players find it exciting to purchase special sets for these tournaments. They usually buy stylish sets with cool gadgets like timers for games and bags to carry the set.

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Some people are really passionate about chess, so they sign up for world tournaments and play matches in different countries around the world. It’s like playing a sport, really, but it’s more of a mental sport than a physical one.

3. The harmony of the game is relaxing and beautiful

There is harmony and balance in chess in every part of the game. First, the basic setting of the board creates a perfect balance between two colors, usually black and white. The way the squares are distributed creates an aesthetic due to the geometric arrangement of perfectly equal squares.

Most of the pieces have very similar shapes, and all of them are also perfectly harmonious with the top. This harmony gives players a feeling of relaxation and pleasure, in addition to the pleasure associated with the game.

There is also a harmony between the simplicity and the complexity of the game of chess. Each piece has its specific moves, which makes the rules quite easy to understand, but as you play the game, there are endless possibilities for moves and counter-moves that create a nice complexity.

4. An adventure that you embark on at home

Right there in your place, once you’ve got your board ready and your pieces in place, you begin an adventure just by playing. This is because, in a way, a game of chess is a representation of real life. There are different pieces, and each piece represents a character or plays a certain role. Together, all the pieces form a team, but each player is the sole puppeteer of all these pieces.

There is also a goal you must achieve through the movement of the pieces and the strategy you create, and this can change depending on the other player’s moves.

Chess may be one of many board games, but it has a unique kind of magic. It’s a game where players get caught up in this little world of squares and pieces where they move decisively to creatively win the game. The way it expands your perspective on different parts of life makes this game one of the most special board games ever made. This is pretty much the reason why it has survived all these years and will continue to grow in popularity for years and years to come.

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