5 mobile games that have grown in popularity in the past two years

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Mobile Games

The online gambling industry has seen massive growth over the past couple of years. People – children, adults, teenagers and old people, everyone was indoors, and they prefer to be entertained while having a status related to working from home, studying from home, managing household chores.

We have also witnessed the rise in demand for mobile games which have become one of the most widely used sources of engagement and entertainment during the pandemic. Many people have been introduced to mobile games and many households have had fun with games.

Mobile Premier League (MPL) has seen steady growth over these two years, where mobile gaming enthusiasts have increased and been drawn to the MPL.

Among the vast collection of games, here are 5 games that were most played in 2021.

Carrom Clash:

The engaging board game that we use to play with our family and friends is now accessible through the online mode. Carrom Clash is like the traditional board game with a few changes. It is played in a skilled mode instead of the regular game’s freestyle mode. Although the traditional carrom game is played with two to four players, MPL has allowed players an online multiplayer mode for carrom where participants can have a game experience with a random opponent in a 1v1 player mode.

Fruit Dart:

Fruit Dart is another game that got a lot of engagement over the period. To score points, users must cut fruit with a knife by swiping across the screen avoiding hitting the bombs and reacting quickly. To unload darts, the player must tap the screen. The player earns points with each sliced ​​fruit, and the score is instantly updated. Additional points are awarded if the player hits two or more fruits with the same knife. Was and still is a good and simple game to engage the mobile gamer.

Fruit chop:

Fruit Chop is one of the most popular and rewarding arcade games of the era, according to MPL. In this game, the player slices fruit with a touch screen controlled blade. When the fruit appears on screen, players must slide their fingers across the screen in a continuous effort to cut the fruit in half. They can also slice many fruits at once to earn extra points. They are eliminated from the game if three fruits are missed. In addition, bombs are periodically displayed on the screen and users will lose. The game is similar to Fruit Dart, having the same game type but a slight interface difference.

Runner #1:

Runner No.1 is a 3D video game that allows the player to run endlessly and enjoy versatile graphics. The game alternates between icy and forest terrain at regular intervals during gameplay. Explorer’s speed increases over time, making it a little challenging each time. The game may help players focus and play. Power-ups are generated at regular intervals to help players avoid ditches, cliffs, and turns.

Here, the participant supports an explorer chased by a bear through various terrains. The player’s score is determined by how long they can run without collapsing or falling off cliffs. They must also stay one step ahead of the bear that is chasing them. Additionally, bonus points are awarded for collecting gold coins during the race.

Block Puzzle:

Based on our childhood experience playing Tetris, block puzzle games have almost identical rules and are entertaining with exciting twists. A simple block game where the player must arrange each block in a different arrangement on a 9×9 grid board. The object of the game is to clear as many cells as possible to make room for new blocks. The game resembles classic puzzle games, but with a few differences: time restrictions and online play with a real opponent. As your opponent is given the same game board, the player must clear as many cells as possible within 2 minutes to outmatch them.

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