7 stimulating board games for your child! Take a look!

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You probably remember playing these brain-boosting board games as a kid. But just because they were here before you, doesn’t mean they couldn’t teach your tech-savvy youngsters a thing or two! It’s also the perfect reason to put down the screens and spend quality time with your family while strengthening your brain. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite board games.

snake and ladders

This game is a great introduction to the world of board games for young children as it is quick, easy and lots of fun. Snakes & Ladders will teach your child the fundamentals of board games such as turn taking, dice, counting, patience and rewarding behavior.

Connect four

Although Connect Four isn’t technically a board game, it’s a great strategy game that encourages students to think ahead and plan ahead. What effect will their next move have on the game? To win, how many tokens do they need? Can they win with a different plan next time?


In this exciting naval-themed game, master the waters and annihilate your opponents’ fleet. Battleships teach your youngster about grid systems while requiring careful thinking, logic and deduction to locate and sink your opponent’s fleet before they sink yours!


This family classic comes in several unique additions and is more of a family activity (it can last several hours) than a board game. Monopoly instills virtues in your children such as saving, budgeting, paying bills, and dealing with the unexpected (going to jail, Chance cards, etc.). Intensely addictive and stimulating at the same time!


In as few moves as possible, collect all your coins from start to finish (house). What’s the worst that can happen? Sorry! Landing on the same tile an opponent returns their piece to start with, which is a great way to teach sportsmanship. Sorry! (I’m not sorry.)

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