Angry parents slam ‘vulgar’ children’s board game called Skid Markz


Angry parents slammed ‘disgusting’ board game for children that sees them draw pictures of dog poop

The bizarre £ 20 game – called Skid Markz – features a squatting toy dog ​​that crosses the page and is being marketed to children as Christmas approaches.

Goliath Games says it is suitable for ages six and up, but angry moms and dads have criticized the game for its “vulgar” content.

The object of the game is to draw pictures of an item from a word card in brown pen and has been described as “Pictionary with dog s ** t”.

Mother of three Josie Bowen, 37, of Aldridge, West Mids., Said she and her husband Ben, 35, were shocked when a TV commercial appeared on Sky Sports.

She said: “My husband was watching football and during the break there was this advertisement for Skid Markz.

“I just couldn’t believe what we were looking at. It shows a dog running across a page with his stocking and drawing with his poo.

“How the hell is that appropriate for kids? I think it’s bordering on dangerous because kids are impressionable and might start picking up dog poop to try and paint with.

“I’m not a prudish man but it shocked me. I don’t understand why anyone would want to play this weird and disgusting game.”

Another parent Hannah Talbot, 29, of Four Oaks, West Mids., Shared a similar view and said: “I have looked at the issue and every major retailer stocks this game – from Smyths Toys, Argos and Amazon. .

Skid Markz board game

“I can’t believe no one thought it was a bit too much to let children play with a toy that draws pictures with a dog’s backside.

“It’s vulgar and mostly Pictionary but with doggy crap.”

The blurb for the game reads: “This sneaky dog ​​is a real poo-casso puppy!

“Draw a word card, then move the embarrassed dog around the board to assemble your ‘poo master’.

“If other players can guess the creation of your Skid Markz, you win!”

Others took to social media to share their dismay with a Twitter user writing, “What planet is this okay on. So wrong on so many levels.”

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A second sentence: “I think we can safely say that our civilization is over. “

Another added: “There’s a toy called a skid markz. It’s a stuffed dog that drags its butt on paper and draws a picture. I’m glad I don’t have kids.”

Others have defended the game as being “a bit fun” and called those who offended it “snowflake wokies”

One person wrote: “Those snowflake wokies who take offense at a kid’s game must be shaking their heads.”

Another added: “How can you not see that and laugh. It’s just a little fun.

Goliath Games has been approached for comment.

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