Another expensive new hire by the Atlantic City Board of Education

Marty and La’ Quetta’s era of small power in Atlantic City, New Jersey has seen a hiring spree the likes of which have not been seen in a long time, if ever.

Marty is the mayor and La’ Quetta is the superintendent of public schools. This means that they are the local general managers of all aspects of how city and school public funds are spent.

In recent weeks, Marty has added millions in new expenses for selectively hired employees.

This week, it’s La’ Quetta’s turn to inflate the taxpayers’ payroll.

The latest example is a special meeting of the Board of Education, which was convened on very short notice and will again invoke the ‘doctrine of necessity’ this evening at 5:00 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to hire a new assistant superintendent as follows:

Atlantic City School Board Agenda.

Atlantic City School Board Agenda.

Let’s take a moment and explain the “doctrine of necessity” and how it works.

The Atlantic City School Board is riddled with board members who have various conflicts of interest and cannot legally vote on certain matters that come before the board.

The “doctrine of necessity” allows these otherwise conflicted council members to vote.

The members of the Board of Directors with conflicts of interest are as follows:

Atlantic City School Board Agenda.

Atlantic City School Board Agenda.

This proves that 5 of the 9 members of the Atlantic City School Board have family members employed by the district.

It has become a de facto “Friends and Family” employment agency in Atlantic City, both at the city and school board level.

Atlantic City School Board member John Devlin strongly disagrees with what is happening, telling us:

“I question the process – I’m not sure I understand the requirement for ANOTHER special meeting. We’ve had more special meetings in the past six months than we’ve had in my twenty last few years,” Devlin said.

“Not only are we voting on a NEW position at the rate of $179,000 (Deputy Superintendent of Schools), but we will soon be voting on a replacement Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum (released by Ms. Yahn).”

“To me, that’s ridiculous, we’re extremely heavy handed and we’re not doing our due diligence for the taxpayers and the families of Atlantic City,” Devlin said.

The Atlantic City School Board split last year.

The majority currently holds a tenuous advantage of one vote when all council members are present.

The Small Majority must believe that it has the votes to win the hiring of this new position tonight.

Devlin argued that enrollment was down, and he wondered why the district was the administratively heaviest.


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