Anya Taylor-Joy admits her chess skills have gotten a little rusty


Anya Taylor-Joy has been playing on the big screen for many years. She played characters including Thomasin in The witch and Gina in Peaky Blinders. However, she is probably best known for her role as Beth Harmon in the Netflix miniseries. The Queen’s Gambit. The series revolves around a young chess prodigy who soon becomes an international celebrity for her skills. Taylor-Joy learned to play chess for her role on the show, but recently she admitted her skills were a bit rusty.

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‘The Queen’s Gambit’ revolves around chess

Beth learns to play chess from a janitor named Mr. Shaibol, who works at the orphanage where she grew up. After her adoption, Beth begins to participate in competitive chess competitions. Eventually, she defeats Grandmaster Vasily Borgov in Russia.

Chess fans praised the series for its accurate description of competitive chess and knowledge of acting. The series brought in professional chess masters Bruce Pandolfini and Garry Kasparov to consult with the cast and crew. “The actors always knew exactly where each piece was supposed to go,” Pandolfini said. Taylor-Joy took her role of Beth very seriously.

Anya Taylor-Joy learned to play chess for her role as Beth Harmon

Taylor-Joy has said in previous interviews how close she feels to her character Beth, despite not having much chess experience before. She learned to play chess for the series; however, she had an interesting strategy for memorizing where to put each piece while filming her scenes. Taylor-Joy had to move her pieces so quickly and precisely that she “memorized the movements like a choreography before each scene.”

Taylor-Joy hasn’t played much chess lately

Taylor-Joy has, without a doubt, been busy since filming The Queen’s Gambit. The Emmy-nominated actor has won both a SAG and a Golden Globe Award, according to People. She also recently completed filming the sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders. Taylor-Joy joined the cast for season 5 of the series, playing the smart and accomplice wife of Michael Gray.

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With everything going on in Taylor-Joy’s life, it’s no wonder she hasn’t had much time for chess lately. In an interview with People, she said she hoped to devote herself to the hobby again. “I can’t wait to get back to chess at some point because I feel a little bad about myself right now. I haven’t played in a while,” she admitted.

“While we were filming I was pretty good,” she said. “We played a lot between takes. Since then you either get really good or you try to get really good at whatever your job requires of you. Maybe Taylor-Joy’s job doesn’t require chess knowledge anymore, but it seems like honing her skills is still an important part of her life.

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