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It sounds really cool. This is also the part where I start to scratch my head. To many, that sounds good. Play board games on a digital table so you don’t have to remove the board and worry about cleaning up afterwards. You can even save the game and come back to it later without having to take pictures of the game’s status. This is all fantastic. The problem is, I don’t know how much it’s going to cost. Yes, this was funded on Kickstarter and at the time the MSRP was advertised at $ 599. I don’t know if that has changed. At this price, I’m really scratching my head, trying to figure out who it’s for.

While this is a great idea, the games that come with the table are all old classics: Monopoly, Battleship, Candy Land, Falls and Ladders, Surgery, Yahtzee, etc. These are the most basic games. There are also puzzles, a coloring book app, and a few other unconventional games included. We know that Pandemic and Ticket to ride will come to IGT as well as other games in the future. However, some may be put off having to purchase these new games. Now, I’ve been informed that future games will be priced similar to other digital platforms, which means you’re probably spending around $ 5-10 per game. It’s cheaper than buying the physical versions. of these games. I’m just having trouble seeing who it is for? Most of the board game loving people I know would want games that are very different from the included Hasbro childhood games and everyone I talk to balks at the price of $ 600 for what is essentially a giant tablet to play the games. the most relaxed. Maybe I’m just forgetting a demographic?

There are a few other concerns I have with the IGT however. First, the height is really inconvenient. My knees are still at least at the top of the table which is a bit awkward. This is about the size and height of a coffee table, but most people I know don’t play at a lower coffee table. However, this guarantees a nice aerial view of the board. Another problem is that I would have the IGT all set up and depending on the game I would have to physically rotate the table to have the correct orientation. In Settings, I found ways to rotate the display, but it was always a 180 degree turn, never a 90 degree turn. I don’t like the power button either, it’s a springy button instead of a cute click. Finally, I wish all games allowed for AI players. Some of them like Candy Land, but others like Monopoly do not.

That’s enough hate on the IGT though. There are some positives. First of all, it’s fun to play. My daughter loves it and it’s great for helping her know where she is supposed to go in games like Candy Land. I also appreciate that the games (at least the ones I’ve played) allow you to toggle various popular house rules on and off. This includes different rules for free parking or speeding up part of Monopoly or just do it so you can’t go back Candy Land when you spin a symbol that you have already passed. It’s a great feature. The music is generally a lot of fun and adds something to it. If you don’t like music or sounds, you can always turn down the volume without a problem. Of course, you also get the benefit of not needing storage for all the board games and you have the convenience factors of not needing to remove coins and it automatically calculates things like money in. Monopoly. As the game library grows, this has a lot of potential to be amazing. I have a few games that I love to play, but they’re so big with a lot of setup and cleanup, they hardly ever see the table. These are the ones I would like to see added.

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