ATP Finals, Zverev beats Djokovic and goes to the final against

of Gaia Piccardi, sent to Turin

The German beats Djokovic 7-6, 4-6, 6-3 after a two-and-a-half-hour battle. The two had already crossed paths as a group, with a victory for the Russians. This is my favorite so far

The Joker has a slight smile that is no longer scaryFour free fouls committed by Novak Djokovic in the fourth game of the third set Sasha Zverev breaks the decisive match. After three sets (7-6, 4-6, 6-3) The German will take part in the ATP final, which actually won in 2018, against the chess player Musk at an excellent levelDaniel Medvedev, defending champion who beat Norwegian Rudd 6-4, 6-2: Die-hard tennis players, who are outraged by the heretical rules of the Masters (group formula) do not like to know that here in Turin Zverev and Medvedev have already faced off in the green with the victory of the Russians.

I’m fed up with the finals but restarted by a very fast central playerMedvedev delivered his quirky and unorthodox clichés: he is a favorite today, a valid alternative to Djokovic who in New York refused a Grand Slam, the real dream. He doesn’t mind the claim that a vaccine would be needed to play the Australian Open: they told me something I already knew; Now, the great doubt hangs over the coach of Djokovic, fiercely opposed to the injection: will the world number one abandon Australia and the chance to overtake Nadal and Federer for the major titles (20)? Wait and you will know, said the clairvoyant.

On Roger Federer. On Saturday, thanks to the gracious intercession of his trainer Ivan Ljubicic, whom Sky had designated as a talent, the maestro reappeared on television. Of the Swiss retirement, confirming what was feared: I will not be in Australia, in January to start racing again, he has just taken the wheel, and he is also skeptical of the possibility of returning to Wimbledon (I would be very surprised if I could). The most realistic scenario is that Federer returns for the last time in the national championship, in Basel in the fall. A party to greet the Greatest as it deserves, unless – once again – it surprises us.

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