Aymeric Laporte opens up on critics’ silence after Spain’s first goal


Manchester City star Aymeric Laporte silenced his critics with a goal for Spain on Wednesday night.

La Roja made it easier for Slovakia with a 5-0 win to advance to the round of 16 in second place after drawing their first two games and scoring just once.

Laporte had never played a game for Spain before this summer, but ahead of the competition and pre-tournament friendlies, he changed his allegiance with France.

As the holder of a Spanish passport and having never played a competitive match for France, Laporte was eligible to play for Spain and he chose to do so.

But he faced tough questions in early press conferences, with a reporter asking if Laporte felt Spanish enough to ‘defend the badge’.

And maybe that’s why he got so much ‘rage’ in his celebration after bringing home a perfect Gerard Moreno cross to score his first goal for the nation and Spain’s second goal of the game against Slovakia.

Talk to Marca of the goal he said: “I’m really happy with the goal and my performance. I celebrated it with great rage.

“It’s a dream to be able to play with this great team. The people around me welcomed me and I want to return this affection to them.

Speaking of the Spanish tournament so far, the starting difficulties and the next round, when La Roja faces Croatia, Laporte added: “We have kept our mouths shut.

“We continued to play our game and our attitude. You have to be able to go game by game.

“We know Croatia will be very difficult to play. We will advance the quality that we have.

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