Best Board Game Accessories

With the recent explosive popularity of board games, more and more gamers are building their game collections. While some gamers may be content to acquire these games, others are interested in crafting or purchasing component upgrades that enhance the overall aesthetics and gaming experience.

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In different price ranges, these game accessories that include paintings on tables intended to host games are not necessarily essential for game night. However, DIY forums and entire companies have sprung up in recent years to meet this demand, as these accessories have become quintessential for collectors who want the ultimate tabletop experience.

seven Card sleeves provide protection

This accessory is perhaps the first thing that most board gamers acquire for their recently purchased games. Available in many sizes and varying in quality as well as price, card sleeves can be considered a necessary component for many members of the board game community. As the cards are sensitive to liquids, food and mold, board players will carefully research the correct card sleeves to ensure the cards are protected.

Those who rev up their games can rest assured that their cards are protected from the elements and general wear and tear. Since sleeves are relatively inexpensive to acquire, card sleeves have become a must-have for any budding tabletop enthusiast.

6 Board game organizers and inserts make it easy

Most games come with an insert, but sometimes it’s not enough to hold all the components effectively. With board game organizers, players can reduce setup time and improve the overall integrity of the box. The risk of damage to components during transport is also reduced considerably.

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Made from wood, plastic, cardboard and foam, players can make these inserts themselves or buy them from various vendors offering this service. However, these accessories are not cheap as buying an organizer/insert can sometimes cost as much as the game itself. That said, it’s always nice to see a board game neatly stored in a box.

5 Board game tables are expensive but great

While any table large enough to support the game and players can do this, some players will take things to the next level. It is not uncommon for avid gamers and collectors to buy or build their own board game tables.

Most game tables are made of sturdy wood or metal and feature a recessed surface game mat that is able to handle game components well and prevent items from falling off the table. With high-end tables even offering storage options for components, games, and even cup holders, it’s no surprise that this accessory is a dream come true for any enthusiast looking to elevate their tabletop game nights. .

4 Etsy is a gamer’s one-stop shop for accessories

Etsy is an online marketplace specializing in the sale of handmade supplies and crafts, covering a wide variety of categories such as jewelry, clothing, furniture, and toys. Many craft businesses and individuals have also listed their services and items on the site, making it the go-to website for acquiring components and accessories.

From board game inserts to component upgrades and paint jobs, Etsy has it all covered. The company even encourages competition as gamers can compare the prices of various accessories and decide which ones they want for their games.

3 3D printers bring everything to life

Since many upgraded components and add-ons can be expensive, some hobbyists have opted for 3D printers to create their upgrades. Although initially expensive, players can easily print the desired parts and save money in the long run or even get the game itself if it runs out.

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With many game developers making their component files and schematics available in the public domain, players can easily and efficiently create their desired parts with ease. Even better, hobbyists can design their parts to fit the game and share their designs with other players looking for upgrades.

2 Board game bags allow for easy travel

Although some gamers are happy to use IKEA bags or even plastic bags to carry their games, some enthusiasts have opted to purchase bags specifically designed to carry tabletop games. Similar to Cajon bags, these board game backpacks can store multiple games (sometimes up to 8) depending on size.

Made with weatherproof material and designed to have extra padding, gamers who need to move around or go to various locations will no doubt opt ​​for this must-have accessory.

1 Poker chips are a great substitute for cash

As many games involve currency as part of the mechanics, poker chips have become a great substitute for the cardboard money that is usually part of the board game. Cardboard money is potentially small and susceptible to damage, so many players have opted for poker chips or iron clays instead as they are sturdier, easier to find, and very satisfying to hold.

Some companies even offer poker chips as part of deluxe editions of existing board games. However, enthusiasts can easily find and acquire tokens to replace their board game currencies.

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