CAC introduces chess for the 2023 Games | Sports

Chess will make its Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) event debut at the San Salvador Games in 2023.

Jamaican Olympic Association (JOA) President Christopher Samuda is pleased with the announcement and says the position is “a wide open window for local talent to become failure practitioners and regional grandmasters through Excellency”.

Board member of Centro Caribe Sports, owner of the CAC games, Samuda said that the advent of chess at the CAC Games is “positive proof of Centro Caribe Sports’ unwavering commitment to expanding the sports menu. by creating signal opportunities for the sportsmen of the region ”.

JOA is pleased with what it sees as a tremendous growth in chess, competitively and recreationally, over the past decade, with what it sees as significant successes on regional and international stages.

JOA General Secretary and General Manager Ryan Foster, also a member of the Centro Caribe Sports Technical Commission which oversees the more than 30 sports of the CAC Games, said: “The JOA is a strong supporter of chess because we we have seen the value. of mental discipline and strategic thinking that has become the DNA of Jamaica’s success, especially among our youth.

“We, the JOA, take seriously our responsibility to provide as many platforms as possible for various sports to develop and become flagship products of the local Olympic convoy. As the 2024 Olympic Games approach, Foster said that “the JOA is committed to home runs in Paris, and our member associations have embraced our mission and are getting stronger.”

The campaign for chess to be admitted to the Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee continues in earnest in many sporting circles around the world, and Samuda once again lends Jamaica’s support.

“Chess has now reached the regional multisport stadium,” he said. “We now have to advance him to the Olympic Stadium, more of a right than a privilege, because his credentials are compelling.”

The Jamaican Chess Federation was admitted by the Jamaican Olympic Association (JOA) as a member in 2017, when the administration led by Samuda took office that year.

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