Chess legend Magnus Carlsen will play in the Main Event of the World Series Of Poker

Magnus Carlsen, the highest rated chess player in history, is heading to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

According to a report by Chess24 citing an interview Carlsen gave to Norwegian media, Carlsen will play in the $10,000 Main Event. Carlsen is sponsored by online gambling brand Unibet, and it looks like he will be sporting the site’s logo.

The Main Event, the pinnacle of the poker world, begins on July 3rd.

Carlsen, 31, has no lifetime tournament results at the WSOPand we don’t know if he has ever played in a WSOP event, whether on American soil or abroad.

He is not new to the game of poker. He has long enjoyed playing home poker games with friends. In April of this year, Carlsen finished in 25th place in a Norwegian poker event for $5,681. This is his only official tournament score to date.

Carlsen shows no signs of slowing down in his storied chess career, but is currently undecided on whether to defend his FIDE World Chess Championship title, which he has held since 2013. Carlsen recently beat Ian Nepomniachtchi to defend his world title in 2021. Nepomniachtchi is currently running away with the FIDE Candidates Tournament, which determines who will face Carlsen next.

It’s unclear if Carlsen will play “Nepo” again in a grueling one-on-one match format, so it’s possible Carlsen will be spending more time on tournament poker soon.

Carlsen is so dominant at chess that it’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t be successful in poker if he put his mind to it, assuming he can handle the variance of poker tournaments. He can’t win all the time. Super grandmaster level chess involves some risk taking with the lines players choose to throw, but there is far less of the proverbial luck factor.

Carlsen earned around $1.25 million for defending his world title last year. His prize money in the WSOP The Main Event could be much bigger. Last year’s winner took home an $8 million prize.

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