College Esports Hub designed for competitive and flexible gameplay (Svigals + Partners)

Architecture, art and consulting firm Svigals + Partners, renowned for inspiring higher education environments, has announced the completion of a new esports venue on Quinnipiac University’s York Hill campus in Hamden, Connecticut.

Housed in a former classroom on the second level of the Rocky Top Student Center, the 830-square-foot room was transformed by the design team from its rustic ski lodge aesthetic into a modern, tech-savvy center equipped with modern amenities. advanced esports and technical support. systems for the school’s competitive esports club.

“We designed the hall as a contemporary, fun and interactive venue for esports and team and individual games,” says architect Katelyn Chapin, AIA, partner at Svigals + Partners and co-author of a chapter on the design of esports sites for “Esports Business Management,” by David Hedlund, Gil Fried and Rick Smith (Human Kinetics 2020).

According to Chapin, the hall is transformed into a “digital lair” – a lair being the shelter of a family of bobcats, the university’s mascot, by concealing the existing rustic architecture. The design team installed a dramatic three-dimensional faux felt ceiling, whose teal green faceted slats add visual interest and provide essential sound absorption qualities. The new ceiling also reduces the sweeping scale of the room for a more intimate atmosphere by masking the sloping ceiling plane and overhead mechanical systems.

“We wanted the room to feel intimate while bringing in some excitement which was achieved by the ceiling plane in a fun way,” says Christopher Bockstael, AIA, partner. “The new ceiling is dynamic, modern, and complemented by the addition of accent lighting that elevates the visual impact of the space when the lights are dimmed and during gaming sessions.”

The new ceiling is also visible from the first floor of the student center, allowing people on the ground floor of the sports hall to enjoy and experience the dynamic functionality. A large-scale wall graphic of an abstract bobcat can also be seen from the first floor, engaging curious visitors.

Inside the sports hall, one of the two areas is dedicated to 24 gaming stations arranged in four rows of six seats, to accommodate the required five-person team play, plus a spare seat. Nearby, the den in the second area has been designed to accommodate a game console for four people and a monitor for club members. The Cove’s digital den features a teal felt accent wall complemented by a dark blue color and recessed accent lighting, aligning with Quinnipiac’s branding. Readily available mobile whiteboards and a lectern are positioned around the room to support teaching and coaching, in addition to hanging and wall-mounted monitors.

New dimmable LED linear pendant lights and wall fixtures around the perimeter of the room support different lighting levels, allowing the room to be lit with a soft glow, enhancing monitor viewing and viewing. gaming experience. Window blinds add to the room darkening attributes. On the walls, Quinnipiac’s blue and gray colors are complemented by the carpet’s circuit pattern that reflects the room’s color palette and high-tech vibe. Throughout the renovation, the use of flexible design elements allows the room to adapt as the esports team grows and to support academic functions.

“The Quinnipiac managers and consultants have been great partners in designing the space,” says Bockstael. “Their thoughtful contributions ensured that every stage of the project met the current and future needs of the school and the team. We are all delighted with the results.

Similar to Quinnipiac University’s new esports hall, Svigals + Partners has also designed an esports classroom for graduate-level programming, training, and competition in the Bergami Center for Science, Technology & Innovation in the University of New Haven. Both offer inviting, technically-focused esports environments that ensure cutting-edge support for competitive gaming for students and competitive school teams.

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