Deep Rock Galactic comes to the table with a new board game



Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have announced they will be doing Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game in 2022. They confirmed that it would be a 1-4 player cooperative dungeon crawler, in which they combined the traversal and exploration aspects with the “rip-roaring, alien blasting” style of combat. “. The board game will feature the four existing classes in the game, along with “Rock and Stone” cards to add layers of collaboration and role-playing depth, as well as a “one-shot” style to work with the board game. in-game progression system.

The two are working on launching a Kickstarter soon to help fund it, but so far they have documented the process in which they have made a prototype. Essentially, they will do their best to make tabletop gaming as close to video gaming as possible, while still making it fun and accessible to everyone. We have an excerpt from that blog below as they talk about the differences between the mission and the in-game campaign while we wait for their fundraising campaign to begin.

Promotional art for Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game, courtesy of Coffee Stain Publishing.

Initially, we thought the game would be a series of smaller missions played together in a campaign – with character upgrades and progression between missions. This is how computer gaming works, and other cooperative board games have done it. But the more we tested, the more we felt that part of the progress had to take place within the mission. This feeling also came from the fact that the missions weren’t that short – it seemed like playing a mission with 4 players would take around 1-2 hours. Along with the random event maps, different types of missions, flexible layout, and that mission progression, it has increasingly shifted towards a single mission design rather than a campaign goal.

Now nothing is stopping you from playing multiple missions in a row and forming some kind of story out of it. But we decided to focus on just one mission to make sure it would be a fun challenge in itself. And then later on, we could create some mini-campaign expansions. Like its digital counterpart, the board game quickly became very scalable.

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