Deep Rock Galactic sells 3 million units


Rock and stone, three million times.

Deep Rock Galactic has taken a new step. No sooner has Ghost Ship Games celebrated the launch of the very first season of Deep Rock than it celebrates it again after selling its 3 millionth unit. That’s another million units sold less than a year after hitting the 2 million mark in January.

Ghost Ship shared a few other big numbers, like 4 million total players thanks to the combined take of Steam Free Weekends and Xbox Game Pass for PC. The peak of concurrent players reached 41,733 shortly after Season 01 launched last month, catapulting Deep Rock “into the absolute top of most played games on Steam.”

With the answer “overwhelming” Ghost Ship is celebrating a milestone but is also very busy. Season 01 introduced a lot of new content, including several new weapons, but while previous updates have already seen a balance pass over these weapons, the sheer number of players Ghost Ship faces means they are focusing. mainly on bug fixes and “small tweaks” at the moment.

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“As we have already stated, we will continue to support and develop Deep Rock Galactic for as long as it makes sense,” Ghost Ship wrote. “And when we break our records, it makes a lot of sense to keep going, so there will be more seasons in the future and more news from us about the growth of the franchise.”


3 million units sold - via Ghost Ship Games

via Ghost Ship Games

This growth will continue in future planned updates, with Ghost Ship providing an updated roadmap next month. There’s also an upcoming Deep Rock Galactic board game on the horizon, so keep an eye out for that.

In case you missed it, Season 01: Rival Incursion presented an overarching narrative to what was previously just a fun little mining / shooting game, with space dwarves taking the lead. robo Jeff Bezos for the right to keep opening asteroids for their delicious guts. It also introduced a completely free season pass – something we really hope other games try.

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