Eagles rooting guide for week 4 games


Now that the fourth Sunday of the 2021 NFL Regular Season has arrived, it’s time to run through a Philadelphia Eagles-focused rooting guide for all of the Week 4 games. This drill will be especially interesting this year, as the Birds have more going on than usual due to the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts’ choice possession in the 2022 NFL Draft.


HEADS OF KANSAS CITY at PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: It would be nice if the Eagles looked competitive in this one. You know, make it a game, unlike what they did in the loss to Dallas. Root for the Eagles, of course.


THE GIANTS OF NEW YORK To SAINTES OF NEW ORLEANS: The 0-3 Giants have the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL. There is a real chance they will start 0-10. With that in mind, let’s hope they steal a wins or two so they don’t end up with the No.1 pick in next year’s draft. Plus, a loss to the Saints could be good for the Eagles in terms of competing for a wild card spot. Root for the giants.

WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM To ATLANTA FALCON: Much like the Giants, Washington has a tough schedule the rest of the way. If you think they’re not a real threat to the playoffs, you might as well be cheering them on for wins that will ruin their draft positioning as they eventually seek out a new franchise quarterback. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if they beat a bad Falcons team. Root for the football team.

CAROLINE PANTHERS To COW-BOYS DALLAS: Really not trying to see the Cowboys advance to 3-1. Root for the Panthers.


INDIANAPOLIS chicks in MIAMI DOLPHINS: Huge game as far as the interest of the Eagles is concerned! The optimal outcome here is that Carson Wentz plays 100% of the snaps in a Colts win. Two reasons why: 1) Miami’s pick due to Philly is getting more favorable and 2) Indy doesn’t need to be in a position where they put Wentz on the bench to protect the choice they owe the Birds. If the Colts start 0-4, they could reach the point of stumbling on the season sooner. Root for the Colts.

TITANS OF TENNESSE To NEW YORK JETS: The Eagles should want the Colts to think they’re still alive for the AFC South title so Indy doesn’t ultimately put Wentz on the bench. A loss for the Titans would help in that regard. Then again, rooting for the Jets is probably pretty futile. And it would be ideal if NYJ were ahead of NYG and WFT in the draft order. But we’ll stick to the original reasoning here. Root for the Jets.

HOUSTON TEXANS To BUFFALO TICKETS: The Eagles don’t want the Dolphins to win the AFC East. The Texans’ loss also helps the Colts stay competitive in the AFC South. Root for invoices.

DETROIT LIONS To CHICAGO BEAR: The Bears are a bigger threat to the playoffs, but they’re not too dangerous in that regard. Chicago’s victory is preferable because it keeps Detroit at the top of the draft order. It also prevents the Giants from getting a more favorable first-round pick in 2022 from the Bears. Root for bears.

PITTSBURGH STEELS To GREEN BAY PACKERS: Rooting for the Steelers is probably futile because Ben Roethlisberger is looking for a toast. But the Steelers would sort of win a wild card spot would mean one less spot for Miami / Indy. Plus, the Packers ‘loss improves the Eagles’ chances in the playoffs. Root for the Steelers.

BALTIMORE RAVENS To DENVER BRONCOS: More competition in the AFC playoff picture is a good thing for the Eagles because it doesn’t help Miami / Indy. Root for Crows.

TAMPA BAY BOUCANIERS To NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: From Bill Belichick’s perspective against Tom Brady, I would say it’s more entertaining if the coach loses. Brady has already proven his greatness. Belichick has more to lose. From the Eagles perspective, it’s better if the NFC team loses to the AFC team. The Pats’ victory means worse playoff chances for Miami / Indy. Root for the Patriots.

THE RAVIERS OF LAS VEGAS To LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: More competition in the AFC playoff picture is a good thing for the Eagles because it doesn’t help Miami / Indy. Root for the Chargers.

IMAGE OF NFC qualifiers

BRUNS DE CLEVELAND To MINNESOTA VIKINGS: The defeat of the Vikings helps the Eagles compete for a wild card spot. The Browns’ win also potentially leaves Miami / Indy less room in the AFC playoff table. Root for browns.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS To SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: If you encourage the Eagles to advance to the playoffs, it’s more beneficial for Seattle to win here. If you want the Eagles to acquire Russell Wilson after this season, it’s more beneficial for Seattle to lose here. The former is perhaps more likely. Root for the Seahawks.

CARDINALS OF ARIZONA To LOS ANGELES RAMS: The Eagles might not be able to catch either team, but they probably have a better (albeit weak) chance of passing the Cards than the Rams. Root for Aries.

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