Ex-teacher sends Boris Johnson game that helps fight math anxiety


The game was designed to help people overcome math anxiety and revolves around movements that can be performed on a chessboard-like chess board.

Chris pictured at the Breast Cancer Now fundraising event

A former math teacher designed a board game to help people overcome math anxiety.

Creator Christopher Curtis, who taught at Frome College, Somerset, has developed a new game, Prometheus, which is said to ‘compete with chess’.

Chris offered the board game to Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he took Covid-19 as a “humanitarian gesture”.

It was designed to help people overcome math anxiety and revolves around movements that can be performed on a chess-like chess board.

The three main pieces are shaped like spheres, pyramids and cubes, and movements can be performed depending on the number of corners or vertices of the pieces.

Chris said Boris Johnson personally thanked him for the gift and for helping him on his healing journey.

Speaking about the first lockdown, Chris told the BBC : “It was such a difficult time for everyone and we just wanted to give it a little glimmer of hope as a humanitarian gesture.”



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He spoke to frome times, adding: “Prometheus is an innovative and exciting strategy game for people of all ages.

“The game is easy to play and similar to chess, but more dynamic. It involves a variety of differently shaped board pieces, with the aim of capturing your opponent’s sphere.

“Knowing that Prometheus now has pride of place at 10 Downing Street is of course wonderful, but knowing that the game is and will continue to be played and enjoyed around the world is a dream come true.”

Chris worked as Director of Mathematics at Frome College for over 25 years.

While at Frome College, he was asked to design a creative structure for the college’s new combined math and art building.

He contacted the late artist John Robinson, who agreed to build a room for Frome College in the form of a five-foot Prometheus flame.

Chris said: “Prometheus came to me in a dream over seven years ago after I commissioned the Prometheus sculpture from Frome College.

“I just started to develop the idea and found myself thinking, ‘I might have something here.’ I wanted to create something more fun than chess and I think that’s it.

“I’m proud to bring a game to the mainstream that brings people together in a way computer games can’t.”

Last week Chris hosted a successful Prometheus fundraising night in Bradford-On-Avon, raising over £ 500 for Breast Cancer Now and giving people the chance to try the game.

He now hopes to pique the interest of the country’s largest retailers.

He told Frome Times: “What we need to do now is get some big orders from John Lewis and Harrods. We are just hoping to get a big order to take us to that next level.

“I’ve always believed that if you are passionate about something, believe in it, and put hours into it, eventually you can get what you want. Sounds like proof of it.

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