FIFA 22 Competition at BUP

FIFA is the most popular football game franchise in the world. The mod of the game is such that it allows multiple players to compete both online and offline. Hence, the game is popular on multiplayer platforms and thousands of tournaments are held all over the world.

Likewise, BUP Infotech Club organized a FIFA 22 competition held at the Information and Communication Technology Department on 31st of July and the 1st of August. The competition was one of the events of BUP Tech Surgence 2022.

The two-day competition hosted a total of 64 entrants who randomly competed in a knockout stage. Bothn/a round included 32 players and the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final followed. An intense and competitive atmosphere prevailed throughout.

Sifar Mahfuz emerged victorious and won the championship. He received the winner’s accolade at the BUP Tech Emergency Awards Ceremony. The successful ceremony ended on August 1.

Photo: The winner Sifar Mahfuz receives the award.

Thanks to competitions like this, young Bangladeshis are getting more and more accustomed to competitive play. If more such initiatives are taken, local players will frequently participate in global esports competitions and bring fame to the country.

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