‘Fighting Charles Barkley was like playing chess’: Kevin Garnett confesses to being childhood fan of Suns MVP calling him toughest player he’s ever played against

NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett calls Charles Barkley his childhood hero, revealing how playing the Suns MVP had a lasting impact on him.

When we talk about some of the greatest power forwards in NBA history, it’s impossible to ignore Charles Barkley and Kevin Garnett. Both former MVPs averaged doubles throughout their careers and were known for their aggressive demeanor on the hardwood.

Both Barkley and Garnett excelled at trash-talking, something we’ve seen them engage in even after their professional basketball careers on Inside the NBA. However, many don’t know that KG looked up to Barkley growing up, trying to emulate his game.

Although the two Hall of Famers may go back and forth on television, they share a deep respect for each other. Whether it’s the skinny jeans or the button cuss, Barkley and Garnett enjoy great camaraderie. In his autobiography, the Big Ticket addressed Chuck’s impact on his career.

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KG provides insight into Barkley’s influence on his illustrious career.

Kevin Garnett calls Charles Barkley the toughest player he’s ever played against.

Despite being undersized in his position, Barkley dominated his opposition, adopting a fearless outlook. Garnett had been a fan of The Chuckster since he started watching basketball. Barkley’s energy and chatterbox skills had a lasting impression on KG.

Garnett was one of the few players to make his NBA debut right out of high school. The former champion, who had the opportunity to face his idol Barkley, described the latter as a dominant player both physically and mentally.

“Facing Chuck was different. It was like playing chess. There was a mental aspect to it. The more I studied him, the more I was influenced by his psyche. I also admired him because he said I shouldn’t admire him. I am not your model, he announced in this famous Nike advertisement. Shit, that shit was dope. When I played Chuck, he wouldn’t talk to me about anything. Chuck denies it, but he didn’t like me when I first arrived.

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Although Barkley never won a championship in his career, he cemented a great legacy. The eleven-time All-Star continues to find success with his television stint on TNT. The Chuckster was a game changer both on and off the court.

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Post Barkley announcing his intention to retire from the award-winning show Inside the NBA in a few years, KG has emerged as one of the top contenders to replace the former.

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