Fischer random contest: guess the starting position and win prizes

Even if you don’t play in the 2022 Fischer Random World Championship finals, you can still have a chance to win prizes!

The beauty of Fischer Random is in its name: the starting position is essentially random (with a few rules and settings to keep things playable and fair). This means players can start the game in a variety of ways, 960 of them to be exact, leading to fascinating and unpredictable gameplay.

How to win

If you have a sixth sense or fancy a chess Nostradamus, we have the perfect contest for you: Simply set up your board in what looks like a realistic Fischer Random position, and submit your FEN using this form. If your position is played in the final match, you win!

An example of a potential Fischer Random/Chess960 opening position.

How to enter

Creating your perfect Fischer Random Position is easy using the analysis function. To learn more about FEN, see here.

  • Configure the board as you wish here (be sure to follow the Chess960 guidelines below).
  • Once you are happy with your location, copy the FEN code. It should look something like this: bnnrkbqr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/BNNRKBQR w KQkq
  • Submit your FEN code (and username, so we can contact you if you win) using the form below or by clicking the link here.
  • Be sure to submit your entry by October 25, 8 a.m. PT.

Please note that there is a limit of one submission per person; if you submit multiple starting positions, only your first submission will be considered.

To make things easier and faster, you are only allowed to submit one side of the board using the white pieces (because the other side will be mirrored).


If your position is played in the final match: A one-year Diamond Membership.

With four games played in the final game, that gives you a 4 in 960 (or 1 in 240) chance of guessing correctly.

A account is not required to participate but is required to be eligible for prizes.

How to choose a Fischer Random/960 position?

There are a few basic rules to keep in mind when setting up your board:

  • Pawns start where they should, but other pieces can be shuffled anywhere on the back rank.
  • White’s and Black’s minor and major pieces should be placed first and last respectively.
  • The position of White and Black must be reversed. For example, if the white queen is on a1, the black queen should be on a8.
  • The two bishops of each player must be placed on squares of opposite colors.
  • The king must be placed between the two rooks. This means that the king will never be on the a1 or h1 square for white and a8 or h8 for black.

For more information, check out our Chess960 reference guide here.

Be sure to submit your positions by October 25, 8 a.m. PT (the start of the tournament). We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Note: This contest is void in all areas prohibited by state, municipal or federal law.

Procedures for contacting and announcing winners and awarding prizes

We will be in touch with the winners through messages on or via the email provided in their submission.

Contact will be made within one calendar week of the end of the contest.

If prizes are distributed continuously throughout an event, contact will be made one week after the event ends.

In contests where winners are randomly selected from chats on Twitch, YouTube, and, everyone who answers correctly will be entered into a prize draw using software that will guarantee a selection. impartial and random winners.

By participating in the event, you consent to using your name/likeness for purposes of administration, awarding prizes, use in a publicly available list of winners and promotion of the event related.

NB: If you haven’t received any contact after a week, you can claim your prize by contacting [email protected]

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