Forspoken Dark Themes and Story Details Revealed in Game Review

The upcoming Forspoken has been given a high PEGI 18 age rating, with some of its dark elements and themes revealed in the new listing.

Dark themes and story beats in Speak were revealed in the game’s PEGI age rating, which notes realistic depictions of violence and references to suicide. PEGI stands for Pan European Game Information and acts as the rating board for video games in Europe, similar to the ESRB in North America.

Spoiler warning: This article contains minor story spoilers for Forspoken.

Coming to PS5 and PC, Speak is an upcoming action RPG launching later this year. The game stars Frey, a woman from New York who is transported to the fantasy world of Athia. Frey arrives in the last town still standing, as Athia has been afflicted with a magical curse, known as Break, which turns people into monsters and has corrupted the minds of powerful witches who once guarded the land. As Frey is not originally from Athia, she is immune to the effects of the snap and can venture into the desert to find a way to end it. Using a sentient bracelet, Frey must learn the arcane arts of Athia and save the kingdom from destruction.


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While Speak has been delayed to October, it seems likely that it will reach its new release date, as its age rating is available on the PEGI website (via VGC). According to the PEGI list, Speak received an age rating of 18 and was tagged Violence, Bad Language, and In-Game Purchases. The rating reveals some of the dark themes and story beats contained in the game, with Speak including references to suicide, as Frey attempts to kill herself at some point in the story, though she is saved by a mystical presence. This act is referenced later in the game by one of the villains. Speak also features strong language throughout, as well as milder swear words.

Forspoken villain blanket

The in-game purchases notice should come as no surprise. Speak will include microtransactions at launch, which will include early access to the upcoming prequel DLC, rare resources, and unique gear. There will also be varying degrees of violence in Speakranging from fantasy battles, where Frey uses magic to kill opponents with spells, and more realistic depictions of violence, as the PEGI rating mentions a scene where a woman is beaten up by thugs and has a gun to her head. Speak will also feature characters consuming alcohol, including Frey, which can negatively affect his stats.

The ESRB rating for Speak was revealed in February, but the PEGI rating contains much more detail on some of the darker elements of the game’s history. Speak the trailers revealed so far have only offered a glimpse of the overall narrative. It’s unclear if PEGI rated content will appear during the story’s opening hours and be shelved once Frey reaches Athia, or if it will be a major theme of the game.

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Speak will be released on PC and PS5 on October 11, 2022.

Source: PEGI (via VGC)

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