Fortnite pro shows the best colorblind mode to use in competitive games

Fortnite offers players a plethora of in-game graphics settings which can be changed according to player preference. They can adjust almost every visible aspect of the game and optimize the visuals and graphics to get the best possible performance from the machine of their choice.

FaZe Sway, one of Fortnite’s top pros, recently leaked the graphics settings he uses in competitive matches. Sway uses a combination of maximum brightness settings and color blindness strength. It uses 150% brightness and 10 (maximum possible strength) on the slider scale for colorblind strength.

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The Brightness feature deals with the overall brightness of the gaming screen. Players can toggle it to adjust highlights and shadows and make them more or less pronounced. The color blind intensity option allows gamers with color vision impairments to adjust the intensity of the red and green colors to make them distinct on screen.

Fortnite pro shares the best graphics settings for competitive matches

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In a recent livestream, Josue Sway, better known as FaZe Sway, shared his favorite Fortnite graphics settings. During a Division 8 Arena match, Sway adjusted his graphics settings and then grabbed a Battle Royale. The pro only changed two minor settings that affected the outcome of the game.

Sway first adjusted the overall brightness of the game. It maxed the slider from 100% to 150% brightness. After that, he continued to adjust the color blindness settings. This setting is typically used by colorblind gamers, but professional gamers sometimes use it to make the red and green colors more pronounced to distinguish between the environment and opponents.

Sway also maxed this setting. He adjusted the slider to the highest possible strength of 10 on color blind strength. The effect was immediately visible. The game background became extremely bright, but the settings helped him in the next stage of the game, which was in his last circle.

With only a handful of players remaining, everyone rushed to build structures and dodge their opponents. Given the size of the circle, the area was limited and all players were in a small neighborhood. This is the part where the Sway settings paid off.

With everyone building, he was able to clearly make out the outlines of the opponents hidden inside the constructs. He took down enemies one by one and won a Fortnite Victory Royale. His impressive building and editing skills complemented the graphical settings.

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When it comes to Fortnite, the majority of players use custom graphics settings to suit their style of play. Although it’s not required, players can always use the best possible settings to streamline their gameplay and complement their style.

It is not always necessary for a pro gamer to use the best graphics settings. Many gamers often minimize unwanted graphics settings and max out their base settings. Fortnite provides players with adjustable settings such as graphics quality, advanced graphics, HUD options and other gameplay options. These settings further include settings that can be adjusted to create a user-defined setting that can be unique for each individual player.

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