Four new games from Good Games

Australia-based Good Games continues its game publishing program with four new releases: three family games and one crunchier title.

Kytera is a cyberpunk zone control game with board building and scenery collection in the mix. The goal is to get cyberpunk gang members up the towers of Stratos, where the elites live, and earn victory points. The zone control aspect develops as players place pieces on the hex board and then climb the towers through trash chutes through which the elites dump their trash into the belly. To win, players must control the majority of the hexes surrounding the tubes that rise at the end of the game. The more tubes they control, the more victory points they earn.

The game is for 3-5 players ages 14+, and play time for this intermediate game is one to two hours. MSRP will likely be around $60.

too many cooks is a cooperative cooking game in which players take on the role of picky chefs. Each player has cards in their hand that can be turned to show if they are happy or unhappy with the state of the soup, reacting without telling the other players the reason for their reactions. There are eight different vegetables in four different colors.

Players choose one of three difficulty levels and play three rounds at that level, or play nine rounds, three at each level, taking around 20 minutes or an hour to play depending on the number of rounds. The games are for 2-6 players, ages 10+, and the MSRP will be $25-$30. The expected release date is November 2022.

In bark avenue, players are dog walkers in New York City, walking as many dogs as possible to earn money in a day in a pick-up and delivery game, with a dash of efficiency management. Dogs have different requirements and walkers can earn extra tips if they meet these requirements. The game will last about an hour at most and has a light set of rules that are easy to understand.

Good Games will co-brand bark avenue with TerreDice Games, which managed the Kickstarter. The game is for 2-5 players, ages 10 and up, and will cost around $45.

Sand castle is a tile flipping game in which players try to build castle walls using decorations and flip tiles that contain the decorations. Some tiles contain sand, others contain shells or sticks or seaweed. Usually players need 2-4 different resources to pay for castle walls.

There are two ways players can go bankrupt. One is to flip a wave tile, which requires players to discard all items up to four. The second is if two pebbles are pulled causing players to lose whatever is pulled between the two pebbles.

Sand castle is for 2-4 players ages 8 and up and will cost around $30. The release is scheduled just before the holidays.

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