Goldmoney Asian Rapid Finals: Aronian, Carlsen in the lead


GM Levon Aronian took the lead in the Goldmoney Asian Rapid final and only needs two match points against GM Vladislav Artemiev on Sunday to win the tournament. Aronian drew three times and won a game on Saturday, as did GM Magnus Carlsen against GM Ding Liren in the third place game.

Aronian-Artemiev 2.5-1.5

Aronian actually got off to a bit of a slow start and wasn’t very happy with his game in the first two games of the Final. In the second, he miraculously escaped what should have been a technically lost position. The way he found the late-game toss was like a study:

“I think the last two games I finally started playing normally because I started really slow and the second game of course was kind of a miracle, I survived,” said Aronian.

Artemiev somehow helped his opponent to do better and get his first victory. The Omsk Grandmaster was a bit too creative in the opening and then quickly got dominated. Or at least that’s what it looked like. Our GM annotator found a nice exchange sacrifice in the style of GM Tigran Petrosian that could have saved Artemiev.

“It’s a shame that the game I lost was very bad for me because I was probably in a bad position from the opening. I chose a risky variant,” said Artemiev.

Game 4 was also interesting, with Aronian only needing a win but still rocking the queen wing. He argued that he didn’t want to play passively and give his opponent chances.

Aronian deviated early from a match the two players played in the 2019 Speed ​​Chess Championship here on, a match Artemiev won.

“Today has been a difficult day,” said Artemiev. “Unfortunately, I lost the first game but it’s normal, it’s a fight. Today Levon was better than me, it happens.”

Vladislav Artemiev
Vladislav Artemiev. Image: Champions chess tower.

Aronian had been ahead of the clock most of the time, and he said it was a conscious decision throughout the tournament: “I’m just going with my gut. Sometimes it leads to blunders, sometimes it works. C it’s still a delicate balance that I Need to find. “

I’m just following my instincts. Sometimes it leads to blunders, sometimes it works.
—Levon Aronian

Carlsen-Ding 2.5-1.5

The match for third place could have been the final, but both players allowed their opponents from the semi-finals to return. Ahead of playing the match for third place, Carlsen said: “Everyone knows that’s not where I want to be, but sometimes you have to play the cards that have been dealt to you or at least yourself.”

The world champion won the first match before shooting the other three.

Magnus Carlsen Goldmoney Fast Asian
Playing from Oslo, Carlsen has revealed he is in quarantine at the moment, but will sometimes swim quickly between matches. Image: Champions chess tower.

All Games Day 8

The Goldmoney Asian Rapid runs from June 26 to July 4, 2021 on chess24. The preliminary phase was a quick 16-player (15 | 10) round robin. The top eight players qualified for a six-day knockout which consists of two days of four-game quick matches, which switch to blitz (5 | 3) and armageddon (White has five minutes, Black has four without. increment) only if a knockout match is tied after Matchday 2. The prize fund is $ 100,000.

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