Halo Infinite Announces Ranked and Competitive Details – Key Takeaways


Infinite halo recently announced new settings and features for Ranked and Competitive modes in Halo Infinite. The developers have sought to combine all of the best features of the old and new Halo to create the ultimate ranked and competitive experience for Halo Infinite players.

The developers said they have sought to create a competitive core that focuses on rewarding the team that deserves to win. Lone Wolves solo may survive, but teams that coordinate and work together will ultimately achieve victory.

Grapple gun. This is a piece of equipment that allows rapid repositioning. Image of Halo Infinite.

They also said that mechanical skills will take players a long way to achieve success, but a strong sense of the game and good decision-making will be what separates the good from the great.

The three main features of Halo Infinite Ranked and Competitive gameplay are as follows:

First, motion tracking is turned off, allowing players to perform flanking play and position enemies without being tracked based on their movement. This comes as a change from the older Halo games, where motion tracking could easily give player positions.

Second, there are no grenade hits, so enemy positions cannot be determined by grenade blasts.

Third, there is a strong recovery scenario so that the team that works together most effectively is most likely to win. The game seeks to reward effective team play while leaving room for important individual skills and contribution.

The combat rifle, the starting weapon for all ranked and competitive matches. Image of Halo Infinite.

These are just a few of the main features of the Halo Infinite Competitive core which was announced yesterday on the official Halo Twitter and which is explained in more detail in the gameplay reveal trailer.

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