here is the school bus transformed into a playroom

mobile video games: have you ever heard of him? It’s actually quite strange, especially said like that, and that’s why we’re here today. We want to tell you about this time when a school bus was completely transformed into a a playroom on four wheels. You’re right that the original statement isn’t entirely correct, but there’s a nice correlation between the two. We are not talking about a games room, with slot machines or similar products inside, but about a real room where you can play with PC stations, state-of-the-art devices, live a unique experience.

The idea came from two spouses, Joshlyn Jackson and Tre Jackson, who in addition to being married are avid gamers; left his townPollok, East Texas), began to invest their time and the money left over from their savings to start this initiative. The final decision to achieve his secret dream, however, was given by Job loss due to Covid-19.

“Whatever their daily preferences, our customers will be able to discover, thanks to us, a place and activities that suit them. We also need people to discover how to exercise in the best possible way and enjoy completely new experiences. Tre and I are experienced gamers and love showing others how to improve their skills. said her husband.

Video games on four wheels: Skoolz Out is born

The name given to the means of transport is his own to get out of school and, inside, you’ll find plenty of workstations and activities to do, including board games. The bus has six televisions, consoles for adults and children, and can accommodate up to 25 people at a time (12 if everyone plans to play multiplayer).

“We wanted a real business, but we knew it would probably never happen because it required a large initial investment. Then my husband got the idea for the bus while watching a video game trailer and we decided to buy it. said his wife during the presentation of his project.

entertainment department has been open since December 1 and has already had a lot of success with Texas players, despite the cost of participation: $150 per hour. Excessive? Maybe, but the experience will be really unique and the concrete support of the two experienced players to improve their skills as a player.

“We don’t have enough space to hold large events, but we are trying to offer a new, easier way to celebrate birthdays and any event as if they were held inside your own home” said the husbands.

to get out of school

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