Joe Rogan and Khalil Rountree discuss the impact of the Wu-Tang Clan

Joe Rogan had the chance to talk about his love for the Wu-Tang Clan on a recent episode of his podcast with Khalil Rountree.

Rountree is a rising fighter in the UFC’s light heavyweight division, and his two recent TKO victories have earned him a spot in the final. Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show. During their conversation, Rountree brought up the Wu-Tang Clan.

He said:

“There’s a whole other level of training in Wu-Tang. Like if you specifically put Wu-Tang to train, I understand your mentality and that internal feeling that you have, because that’s one of my last fights, I came out for ‘Protect Ya Neck’, and just that mentality. You had the rhythm and the drums, you just feel like this bad ass martial artist. A street martial artist.

It drove Rogan down a rabbit hole reminiscing about his comedy touring days and listening to Wu-Tang Clan in the car.

29 years ago today, the world officially heard the Wu-Tang Clan for the first time when they released their first single “Protect Ya Neck” from their epic debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers )” and the rest is history 👐

He said:

“Just the fact that they put these guys together is so interesting. That the Wu-Tang Clan ever existed. And it’s so iconic. The Wu-Tang Clan is probably the most iconic hip hop group of all time. .That’s another thing. .Wu-Tang is like a state of mind. Like when Dave Chappelle sometimes says “Wu-Tang” as a punchline. Like he said something and did “Wu-Tang!” You can’t use another group like that… And the people in it vary so much. You have Ol’ Dirty Bastard who is just fucking crazy. And the GZA who is an elite chess player. . And I think he’s done TED Talks and shit. He’s a real genius!”

Watch the full clip of Joe Rogan and Khalil Rountree discussing the Wu-Tang Clan below:

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Joe Rogan thinks Charles Oliveira is the only lightweight that would give Khabib Nurmagomedov a hard time

UFC 274 arrives on May 7 with the return of UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. He will face Justin Gaethje in another tough test, but this time the sportsbook has ‘Do Bronx’ as the favorite.

It took a while for MMA fans to start respecting Oliveira, and Joe Rogan explained why in a recent podcast. He said:

“People think Oliveira is not a monster because there are times when people have beaten him. Like Paul Felder crushed him and there were a lot of guys who beat him. Cub Swanson knocked him out. The guys beat him, but he’s better.”

Rogan went so far as to say Oliveira would cause trouble for lightweight GOAT contender Khabib Nurmagomedov. He said:

“[Gaethje] tapped and then it came out. But the way [Nurmagomedov] did it, it went through him. He went right through it. I think Khabib could do that to almost anyone, except maybe Oliveira.”

Watch Joe Rogan discuss Charles Oliveira below:

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