Kids who love video games will love these board games

There are many benefits for kids who love video games. Not only hand-eye coordination and teamwork, but also softer skills like communication, empathy and patience. Yet it can be difficult to leverage it in other areas of a child’s life if they keep coming back to the video game screen.

Don’t worry, if your kid loves video games, there are tons of video game-adjacent hobbies they are ready to fall in love with. One of them that is a very easy first step in expanding their interest is board games.

There are board games that use every video game mechanic you can think of and deal with all sorts of themes. If your child is a video game enthusiast, there will be plenty of board games they will love. I’ve spent the past few weeks researching the best ones for the families I work with and have put together this list of suggestions of which board games are best for specific video game players.

animal crossing

There are very good games for children who never get tired animal crossing. UK takes this island curation bug and turns it into a simple tile placement challenge. You work with a grid of islands and take turns placing tiles that create forests, deserts, and seas. The twist is that each round you have to decide between going first or getting the best tiles. Best of all, this island is rent-free with no sign of a Tom Nook mortgage.

Among us

If your kids can’t stop playing Among uswhy not try to introduce them Saboteur. It’s a simple card game about gold mining. The twist, however, is that one (or more) players are actually trying to thwart efforts to find the treasure. Like in the video game, you can only achieve this by playing it safe and being good at convincing other players that it’s not you.

rocket league

If you have rocket league fans in your house, there’s a board game that takes that love of skill-based competition to another level. Team 3 is a cooperative challenge allowing players to build shapes with Tetris-style blocks. Like Rocket League, it seems simple until you figure out that the player with the target design can’t talk and the player who can touch the shapes is blindfolded. A third player in the middle must lead both. It’s great fun and requires precise communication and exact execution – just like hitting oversized balls into goals with toy cars.


If your kids can’t stop playing Fifathere’s a great board game to tempt them away from the screen. Very cold is a tactical game of cat and mouse. Like FIFA, you have to direct your players around the board. Here, although you physically leaf through them, like Subbuteo. It’s great fun and a real physical challenge.


Or if it is Madden NFL your kids won’t stop playing how about bowl of blood? It’s a classic (slightly violent football game with fantastic characters). You lead a team of elves, orcs or humans and roll the dice to decide if your blocks, dodges, throws and catches land. It takes a lot of planning and patience, but it’s great for attracting kids. There’s also a culture of hand-painting the plastic miniatures that come with the game, which can absorb hours of creativity.

I hope this has put some new ideas on the table for you to try with your family. Board games are growing in popularity, and in my experience kids (even older ones) are surprisingly receptive to playing them as a family.

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