Madison Teams Dominate State Chess Championship – The Madison Record

MADISON — After a first day of fast-paced individual action, the Alabama State Chess Championship resumed on March 13 with Madison teams taking home all of the team awards for the tournament.

“Things got even more exciting on Sunday for the tag team competition as we saw some close matchups with teams not only from Madison but also from the Birmingham area,” said Ranae Bartlett. Bartlett is executive director of the Madison City Chess League or MCCL.

“The MCCL offered our members the opportunity to compete in the Club section on Team Day in all three age groups: K-3, K-6, K-9 and K-12. The kids played in the Kids’ Club (vs.) section outside of Madison, which was a great learning experience,” Bartlett said.

State Representatives Mike Ball and Mac McCutcheon sponsored the tournament. Scott Wilhelm served as the event photographer.

The elementary, junior and high school sections played longer games to help determine Alabama’s representative at the Rockefeller, Barber and Denker tournaments this summer.

“We were thrilled to see kids from as far away as Fair Hope, Mobile and Mississippi and cities like Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and the Birmingham area,” Bartlett said.

For the high school section, Bob Jones and James Clemens tied team points and individual points for declaration as co-champions. James Clemens along with Shreya Sunil, Sherwood Dong, Jason Park and Will Fox received the first place trophy after applying the tiebreak rules. Bob Jones received the runner-up trophy; the members are Kennedy Gore, Victor Lundy, Constance Wang, Steven Pan and Caleb Chen.

In the Junior High section, Discovery Middle School had four teams competing to win the first and second place team trophies. In the elementary section, Rainbow Elementary School won the elementary championship; Liberty Middle School’s sixth grade team won second place and Horizon Elementary School placed third.

The winning teams edged out their competitors in the championship:

* Junior High (K-9) School Team Section – Discovery Black, First; Discovery White, second.

* Section K-9 – Discovery Black, lead, trainer Michael Guthrie, Nirvana Rajbhandari, Andrew Park, Aadi Saxena and Xavier Bruni. Discovery White, second place, Coach Guthrie, Jacob New, Nathan Chiu, Aaron Chen and Jack Meyer.

* Elementary School Team Section (K-6) -Rainbow Blue, Premier, Coach Will Stevenson, Noah Hsu, Jethro Jones, Tyce Crosswy and Emma Kuang. Liberty, second, Coach Om Badhe, Anna Ai, Laya Gowder, Tim Lee and Jaxon Kimberly. Horizon, third, Xander Yem, Sophia Jerez, Kylie Zou and Esteban Jerez.

* Elementary School Team Section (K-3) – Rainbow Red, Premier, Coach Will Stevenson, Elliott Poole, Jimmy McHugh, Annabelle Hsu and Cora Newberry. Legacy, second, coach David Hayes, Milan Malak, Summer Seewald, Owen Suckow and Jackson Mayes. Rainbow Orange, third, Dennis Lenski, Jacob Kuang, Lewis Washburn and Yuito Oda.

* MCCL Club Teams – Club K-9, Premier, Marek Fries, Eddie Xiao, Artem Starenki and Caroline Wang. K-3 Club, second, Isaac Kreusser, Peter Gosier, Joanna He, Lucas He and Janvi Jinva. K-6 Club with Margaret Lin, Rhyan Quansah, Will He and Tiegan Eastman. K-12 Club with Sarvagna Velidandla, Oviya Gowder, Swetha Jakka and Isabelle Park.

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