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CHENNAI: Grandmaster Arjun Erigaisi, who has an Elo rating of 2,627 as of November 2021, was in great shape when he won the quick event and finished second in the blitz segment at the Tata Steel India tournament. Everyone was surprised when, under the leadership of five-time world champion Vishy Anand, he won against experienced Levon Aronian. “I had no expectations going into the tournament so winning the quick event in front of Aronian is really a great feeling. Being mentored by someone of Vishy sir’s caliber is really a big help for any chess player in the world. grass, ”said Arjun, who believes the victory in Calcutta will help him to further exploit his potential at the next events in Spain.

Kolkata has proven its reputation of being a sports crowd with many spectators and enthusiastic crowds. Driven by them, Arjun almost won first place. “At first, I had no idea I would be playing a blitz when I left for Calcutta. After winning the quick event, it was like the icing on the cake to enter the blitz. “Together it was great but I could have done better on the last day. I hope to learn from these invaluable experiences and become better,” exclaimed the 18-year-old.

In the past five months, Arjun has made rapid progress, with even a win over Lindores Abbery Blitz in Riga to his name. In fact, Anand even called him the new Indian chess star. “I was a little fed up with classic chess because I played it non-stop without the best of results. I just wanted to enjoy the blitz event and it went well! Earlier I think I had the strength, but I was running out of opportunities, and so, saw his confidence plummet. As the opportunities presented themselves, I seized them and the results were there. It is a great feeling to have received from such words from Vishy sir, ” the Telengana-based player explained.

Arjun made the right choices to improve as a chess player on the international stage. He trains regularly with GM N Srinath and has also trained with Vishy Anand’s ex-second, Rustam Kasimdzhanov.

“Srinath has definitely played a big role in my career. He saw the potential in me early on and guided me. Training with Rustam Kasimdzhanov is also useful, ”he says. Speaking of what’s to come, he adds, “I want to switch to classical chess and get past 2650, then 2700 soon,” Arjun enthuses.

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