McDonald’s plans to ‘drastically’ reduce plastic toys in its Happy Meals by 2025


McDonald’s plans to “drastically” reduce plastic in its Happy Meal toys around the world by 2025.

The burger giant said on Tuesday it was working with toy companies to develop new ideas, such as coming up with three-dimensional cardboard superheroes for kids to build or board games with plant-based play pieces. or recycled. McDonald’s said it is also considering using recycled plastic toys to make new restaurant trays.

McDonald’s will not say how many Happy Meals it sells each year. But he said the new target would reduce his use of virgin plastic by 90% from 2018 levels.

With over 5,000 Happy Meals sold every minute, McDonald’s is considered one of the world‘s largest toy distributors.

McDonald’s restaurants in the UK and Ireland already offer only soft toys, paper toys or books, following local petitions calling on the chain to stop including plastic toys in its children’s meals, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Plastic-based promotions

McDonald’s latest toy promotion features 50 plastic figures with plastic brackets to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. Earlier this year, the kids ‘meals featured one of Looney Toon’s plastic characters, including a LeBron James character, to promote the release of “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” a sequel to the kids’ movie for years. 90 with Michael Jordan.

Burger King removed plastic toys from children’s meals in the UK in 2019.

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