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Six new organizations, eight new rosters, 16 rookies from the 2022 season and 33 players who have never played in the world will debut at the next Six Charlotte Major, an unprecedented total. Here’s a rundown of names you might not recognize:

W7m esports – HerdsZ, Kheyze, Jv92, volpz and GdNN1

One of two entirely new teams, w7m avoided the BR6 relegation zone last year by just two points. Since then, they have replaced two players with two new 18-year-olds, Gabriel “volpz” Fernandes and João “Jv92” Vitor, who was behind their spectacular rise to second place in the LATAM region.

While the other three players never really stood out to global audiences with Diego “Kheyze” Zanello and Gustavo “HerdsZ” Herdina having competed on only w7m in the BR6 League, fans may recognize Gleidson “GdNN1” Nunes.

GdNN1 competed in Team oNe in Season 8, Black Dragons in Seasons 9 and 10, and won the 2020 Brazilian Challenger League. He also came to international attention at the center of the FaZe/Black Dragons match-fixing scandal for which he was fined by the team and briefly suspended.

Dire Wolves – Ed, JackyWu, Pikan, Souffle and HARAM3E

The second new team is Taiwanese roster Dire Wolves which will be the first time Taiwan will be represented outside of the APAC region. This roster made its professional debut in 2020 as it qualified for the APAC Northern League via a qualifier from Taiwan, with many initially claiming they had moved a “more deserving” QConfirm roster from the league.

After finishing the 2020 season 11th out of 12 teams and surviving a relegation battle, the team slowly improved. Now two years on the same basic lineup – Yu Siang “Pikan” Lin, Tsung-Cheng “Ed” Hou and Hong-Ting “Breath” Cai have hit the world stage.

The two newest roster members joined fairly recently as Chih-Kang “HARAM3E.” Huang made his professional debut two months ago and Jhih-Ying “JackyWu” Wu joined the team for the 2021 third leg.

Heroic – Sloth, GorgoNa, Grizzly and Benjamaster

Nathan “Grizzly” Harding, Georgi “GorgoNa” Stoyanov, and Jake “Sloth” Brown had no professional experience in Siege before winning the EU Challenger League in 2020 on Cowana Gaming. Since then they have taken part in four European League stages finishing third, seventh, sixth and now first place to reach their first global event.

Benjamin “Benjamaster” Dereli is also new to this level of tournament having joined the team just after his 18th birthday for the third leg. All four have been close before as a 5-7 map five loss to MNM Gaming meant they missed out on the 2022 Six Invitational.

Astralis – Dpfire, Iconic, J9O and Forrest

These four players are all veterans of the North American scene.

‘Iconic’ David Ifidon emerged as a promising rookie in the 2020 season on the Susquehanna Soniqs only to be dropped the following season, leading to him joining Astralis.

Roman “Forrest” Breaux won the Challenger League and was picked up by eUnited for the first half of 2020 to spend the next year and a half in the Challenger League. He eventually joined NAL for this stage.

Finally, while Jack “J9O” Burkard also had a short stint on Soniq alongside Iconic, he and Matthew “Dpfire” Macway are actually Disrupt Gaming rookies having joined the team in September 2020 and June 2021. respectively.

Team one eSports – Dotz, d4sh and Maia

Unlike the previous four teams, the core of Team oNe is not made up of experienced players who finally achieved a high-level result after years of trying, but three of the team’s five players made their professional debuts there. barely two months ago.

João “Dotz” Miranda and Leonardo “d4sh” Lopes won the Challenger League together last year in the SuperNova team before losing to Santos in the relegation game. Gabriel “Maia” Maia meanwhile finished second in the Challenger League on Guidance Gaming

It should also be noted that rhZ has never participated in a Major before, but participated in DreamHack Valencia and Allied Esports Vegas Minor events in 2019.

Oxygen Esports – Nuers and Dream

Replacing the XSET-bound players, Ethan “Nuers” James and Mitch “Dream” Malson occupy two very different positions.

Dream has been competing professionally in Rainbow Six for two and a half years now through Tempo Storm, Mirage and now OxG after initially earning a Pro League spot by relegating the American Rogue roster. Now at his first step on an NA “big-five” roster, he’s finally made it out of the regional league.

Nuers, on the other hand, played in a number of tier three and four tournaments, not even in the Challenger League, before joining Oxygen.

XSET – DiasLucasBr and GMZ

After the somewhat antagonistic entry of Matheus “Budega” Figueiredo onto the NA scene, Brazil’s XSET team NAL has been one to watch for the past few months. As the roster recruited from Oxygen and Parabellum to get three of their experienced mics, in order to create a Brazilian roster, they dug into the Challenger League to find two more Brazilian names; Arthur “GMZ” Oliveira and Lucas “DiasLucasBr” Dias.

GMZ and DiasLucas have been competing together since the NSG X DarkZero Pro-Am over a year ago. The duo have since finished runners-up in the Challenger League twice. Prior to that, in 2020, DiasLucasBr also competed alongside Kyno in the Challenger League with two fifth-place finishes.

FURIA Esports – Handy and Stk

On FURIA, they broke their core roster that dated back to the 2020 season to bring in two new players for this leg, both recognizable to fans in the Brazilian region.

Thiago “Handyy” Ferreira was part of the famed Kids Team roster in 2020 which you can read more about here before finishing third in last year’s Challenger League.

Willian “Stk” Costa has been competing to some extent since 2017. He narrowly missed relegation from the Pro League in Season 10, then won the Challenger League in the 2020 season only to lose the relegation game against his current team. Most recently, he spent all of 2021 on Santos e-Sports with whom he finished the stage last before subsequently winning relegation.

After three years of flirting either side of the relegation zone, he now has his chance to show off against the best the world R6 has to offer.

Elevation – Markshortboyz and MrPuncH

Saravut “Markshortboyz” Mandee and ภูริพทร “MrPuncH” เกษณียบุตร never competed in the APAC League before this stage, but came very, very close before both of them entered the two 2020 relegations in which they fell to current Dire Wolves while Markshortboyz also starred in the 2021 relegation battle.

Just before both players were picked up, they won Thailand’s GAKGUAY Scrimmage Season 4 tournament ahead of Elevate themselves, which particularly highlighted them as two of the best in the country.

Chiefs Esports Club – Bouncinballz and Boydy

“Bouncinballz” and “Boydy” were both part of the ROFLCOPTER GG roster that fought during the 2021 National Oceanic season.

Both players joined the team without an organization in February last year, finishing the first two stages in third and fifth places. Bouncinballz then left leaving Boydy to finally end the season in third-fourth after being eliminated by the Chiefs themselves. Boydy also fell in the APAC South relegations at Wildcard.

While Bouncinballs left that team early, he had also previously played on the Rhythm roster during the 2020 OCN season with less than stellar results.

Looking for an organization – Mowwwgli

Finally, we have Yanis “Mowwwgli” Dahmani, a player who spent all of 2021 competing in the Italian domestic league with not-so-great success before jumping straight into Looking For Org as Medhi “Kaktus” Marty’s replacement. .

You can read more about Mowwwgli and his move to the LFO in our dedicated article on the move.

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