Monopoly Tycoon Passes Are Now Available On Mobile

Monopoly Tycoon is a brand new take on the iconic board game, and it’s available on mobile right now.

monopoly tycoon
by Hasbro

It’s quite remarkable that 87 years after the world was first introduced to a Monopoly board, the Pillar remains one of the most popular board games to this day. It’s not because we all enjoy sitting around a table with our family on vacation and arguing about play money and imaginary properties. That’s because Hasbro continues to reinvent the iconic game, keeping it relevant all these decades later.

The board game giant has done it again via Monopoly Tycoon. A completely new version of Monopoly is coming to iOS and Android, and it’s available to download now. Rather than moving around a board buying properties and charging other players if they happen to them, Monopoly Tycoon lets you build your own town. A Monopoly game based on the same principle as classic games like Theme Park, and developed with the help of the creators of Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch.


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Monopoly Tycoon players will begin their journey in Atlantic City. Once you’ve built your city to a sufficiently impressive state, you’ll have the option to fly to Paris and London and begin new adventures there. Players will use buildings and hotels to expand their towns, similar to regular monopoly houses and hotels, as well as businesses and decorations.

There’s plenty to keep a variety of players interested. Mini-games for you to play, the results of which will determine how your town’s problems are solved. You will also have daily tasks to complete and story-based missions to follow. Some properties won’t be easy either, as you’ll have to go to the auction house and outbid others in order to get your hands on them.

There will be over 1,000 buildings and other items to collect and unlock, with a roadmap for the future already promised by Hasbro. No exact details on what’s next in that regard, but the addition of more famous cities, including their iconic landmarks, seems likely. Monopoly Tycoon is free and you can download it on iOS and Android right now.

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