Netflix chess champion asks for $ 5 million



“Beth Harmon” with Anya Taylor-Joy in the Netflix series “The Ladies Game”.

Series – Nona Kaprindashvili, a big name in the chess world, decided to sue Netflix on Thursday, September 16, 2021 for defamation. Her name and career will be cited as “sexist” and “shameful” in the hit series girl game. The Soviet pioneer claims $ 5 million in compensation.

In moments that annoyed the player, a phrase that was especially pronounced in the last episode of the series. At a chess match in Moscow in which heroine Beth Hormone played Anya Taylor-Joy, the host said, “The only thing unusual about Beth is her gender, but not just for Russia. Nona Kaprindashvili is there, but she has never faced a world champion and men.

To deliberately lie

In his complaint, the 80-year-old retired chess player recalled that he has faced dozens of top male players and defeated 28 in his career. In the Netflix production, Nona Cabrindashvili was identified as a Russian, but the champion’s defense added that “she and the Georgians suffered from Russian domination when they were part of the Soviet Union”.

According to the lawsuit, Netflix was aware of this information but “deliberately lied” about the series with the intention of “mean and cynical” with the intention of revolutionizing the series’ lead actress. The US agency said in a statement that it had “great respect” for Ms. Kaprindasville and her esteemed profession, and that “there was no basis for this complaint.” The site added that it would protect itself “seriously”.

The first woman to achieve the status of international chess grandmaster (the highest ranking after the world champion) did not want to give it up. Born in 1941 in Juktidi, in western Georgia, Nona Cabrindachvili has been playing chess since the age of 13. She won the Women’s World Championship at the age of 20 and successfully defended her title four times.

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