New game features the Bad Art Museum in Massachusetts, heralds a new space

A new board game features a Massachusetts landmark: the Museum of Bad Art.

On a related note, the museum just announced that it has found a new location for the museum in the Dorchester Brewing Company’s Tap Room, located at 1250 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. It was officially located at the Somerville Theater.

The board game is called “Zillionaires: Road Trip USA”. It’s an auction-style family game where “you bid, bluff, and buy 49 legendary American roadside landmarks,” according to Big Potato Games, which made the game.

The description continues: “You are one of the five richest people in America and you have $49 million to spend. Outbid and surprise your zillionaire rivals to own real American attractions.”

“Big Potato Games used the imagination and created this,” said Louise Rielly Sacco, permanent acting director of the Museum of Bad Art. “They asked us if we wanted to be in it about six months ago and we thought it was a great idea. We’re one of those unusual places across the country that people want to see.”

The new board game

She joked, “And we love the attention.”

She said the museum already had copies of the game.

“It’s definitely something for the family,” Sacco said. “I have grandchildren and they will be everywhere.”

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is a private museum whose stated purpose is “to celebrate the work of artists whose work would not be exhibited and appreciated in any other forum,” according to the museum’s website.

A painting in the Museum of Bad Art titled,

The museum was originally in Dedham and includes more than 700 works of art “too bad to ignore”, of which 25 to 35 are on public display at any one time, according to the MOBA website.

“MOBA was founded in 1994, after antique dealer Scott Wilson showed a painting he had salvaged from the trash to friends, who suggested starting a collection,” Wikipedia says. “Within a year, the receptions held at the house of Wilson’s friends were so well attended that the collection needed its own exhibition space. The museum then moved to the basement of a theater in Dedham.” It then moved to the Somerville Theater.

A room called

Sacco said when the pandemic arrived in 2020 the museum lost its home at the Somerville Theater and noted that she was delighted with today’s announcement of a new location.

MOBA Grand Opening September 6

To celebrate, the museum will host a grand opening celebration on Tuesday, September 6 from 6-8 p.m. onsite. The new gallery inside Dorchester Brewing Company will show around 40 photos from the MOBA’s collection of more than 800 pieces, Sacco said.

The Dorchester Brewing Company’s MOBA Gallery is open during normal Tap Room hours (Sunday-Monday: 11:30am-9pm; Tuesday-Thursday: 11:30am-10pm; and Friday-Saturday: 11:30am to 11 p.m.) There is no entrance fee to the gallery.

The board game comes with Zillionaires cash, sold tokens, ownership cards, hammer, and player tokens. It is available at Target.

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