New Rook & Pawn Exhibit Features Local Artists | Arts & Culture

On Wednesday night, The Rook & Pawn on West Washington Street invited Athenians to grab a drink and browse works by local artists, kicking off an exhibition that will run through October 31.

The show, titled “CARNIVAL”, features 27 works of art, each by a different artist from the greater Athens area.

Comprised of a multitude of artistic mediums, “CARNIVAL” is a collection of “eerie, colorful, weird and bizarre art,” said curator Kendall Rogers.

“I like the idea of ​​’CARNAVAL’ because I feel like it’s global, it can go so many different ways and so it’s cool to see different artists’ interpretation of that” , said contributing artist Sierra Kirsche.

Rogers compared the show’s inventory theme to that of the “Freak Show” season of the popular television show “American Horror Story.”

Athens, a city widely recognized for its eclectic music and arts scene, is a melting pot of creativity.

“You look at this art and you’re like, ‘Yeah, this is Athens. Literally, our motto is ‘stay weird’,” said collaborating artist Gillian Wiggins. “So you look around, you’re like, ‘This is weird and I love it. “”

Artwork hangs along the interior walls of the modestly sized venue, adding to the cozy atmosphere, but be careful not to distract from the café’s quirky charm.

Since The Rook & Pawn is known as a board game café, circus-themed board games are available to play, keeping with the theme of the exhibit. There are also themed drink specials to look out for throughout the duration of the expo, Rogers said.

Featured artists include Alison Kocher, AM Rodriguez, Anjali Howlett, Beaux Xavier, Brandon Barnett, Brian Brenneman, Ed Edderson, Elise Landry, Gaby Dellipointi, Gillian Wiggins, Isabella Beaudoin, Jacob Hoovs, Jacob Riddling, Josh Anderssen, Lexi Dellipointi, Mars, Mary Sinsheimer, Monsie Troncoso, Nick Williams, Parawita Stamm, Poopbird, Sally Williamson, Sierra Kirsche, Teresa Vu, Tomo, Rachel Peters and William Ballard.

This exhibition is a landmark event for artists AM Rodriguez and Kirsche. Rodriguez is a self-taught artist bringing his art to the public for the very first time and Kirsche celebrates her first local appearance.

The show is meant to be a celebration of local art and artists, highlighting those that have yet to be featured. Hosting the show was a “necessity” in order to support local art, Rogers said.

The majority of the works on display are for sale, with prices ranging from around $30 to over $500. All proceeds go directly to contributing artists.

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