Olympic silver medalist Jack McLoughlin retires from competitive swimming

Australian Olympic swimmer Jack McLoughlin announced his retirement from the sport after a year’s absence. After graduating in structural civil engineering, he accepted a job in this field.

The decision was announced when he was honored alongside other retirees at the Swimming Australia awards earlier this week and confirmed by an Instagram post on Tuesday.

McLoughlin, 27, represented Australia at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In Tokyo, he won a silver medal in the men’s 400m freestyle, joining an illustrious list of Australian men across the world. history who have won a medal in one of the nation’s favorite events. Names like Murray Rose, Kieren Perkins, Grant Hackett, Ian Thorpe, Duncan Armstrong, Danyon Loader and Mack Horton all graced the Olympic podium in this event, representing many of the biggest names in Australian men’s swimming history.

McLoughlin’s other international medals include a 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medal in the 1500m freestyle and a 2018 Pan Pacs gold medal in the 400m freestyle, as well as three other medals from those two competitions.

Early in his career, McLoughlin split his time between the pool and open water, being part of a group of top swimmers to have done so. He represented Australia at the 2017 World Championships in both disciplines, placing 23rd in the open water 5km race and 4th in the Australian 5km team relay event.

McLoughlin told SwimSwam on Monday that he took the final year away from the pool to complete his thesis project and “see how life went,” while interning with BMD Group.

He ended up getting several job offers for engineering jobs he’s “super passionate about” and decided he was ready to start that career. He called his new position a “dream job”.

“At the end of my swimming career, I wanted to look back and tell myself that there was nothing more you could have done,” McLoughlin said. “Looking back now I can say, hand on my heart, I don’t think I could. From training on my own to taking it to the next level or just getting to a point where my body has physically stopped functioning while I was fighting my trainer saying I could go on. I don’t think I could do anything more and that’s what I needed for myself. All I ever wanted to do, it’s training hard and running hard and being proud of who I was with the people around me directly I think I can walk away knowing that I left an impression on most people with who I had the chance to train and race and who knew me well.

McLoughlin is engaged to his fiancée Emily Keir, a former netball player who works as an architectural assistant in Brisbane.

McLoughlin is one of several world-class swimmers who announced their retirement last week, alongside three-time Olympic gold medalist Blake Pieroni, 2021 world champion Emily Escobedo and U.S. national team Olivia Carter. .

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