“Peyton Manning pretended to me and rushed into the end zone”: When HOF QB cheated on DeMarcus Ware, scoring his famous touchdown


Peyton Manning is one of the smartest and most skillful players to ever groom an NFL field. And even All-Pro DeMarcus Ware couldn’t beat the HOF QB.

Peyton Manning has had one of the most prolific careers in NFL history. Its accumulated list of accolades is long, but includes things like 5x MVP, 7x First Team All-Pro and 14x Pro-Bowler. And maybe his best quality was his detail-oriented ability to switch games after lining up and calling an audible.

DeMarcus Ware is definitely a future Hall of Famer. He is 9 times Pro Bowler, 4 times Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl champion, a member of the HOF All-2000 team, and will likely become one of the greatest LBs of his generation.

In 2006, Ware even defeated the then MVP twice, after faking Peyton Manning and destroying him on his blind side. But Manning got Ware back in the most epic way possible.

Peyton Manning rigged Demarcus Ware and moved into the end zone

In an interview with the Players Tribune, DeMarcus Ware told an interesting story about Peyton Manning.

“Peyton was in Denver and I was still with the Cowboys. The Broncos scored a third and a goal on the one-inch line. And if there was one thing I was certain at that point, it was that Peyton Manning was not going to throw the ball. At least I knew he wasn’t going to run outside. They only needed an inch. If anything, he would throw a QB sneak.

So when Peyton pulled the ball up and released it to hand it over to Knowshon Moreno, I was sure it was a game of diving into the guts. There was literally no one blocking me. So I came right down the line, and I thought, I’m gonna run over this guy and get the stop.

But when I got to the running back, I noticed that… he didn’t have the ball. Then I turned around and saw Peyton running to his left, about two miles an hour, dragging himself into the end zone.

He came up to me after this room and said, “D-Ware… I got you, man.” You got me this time, and now I got you.

He remembered.

And he changed the game on the line of scrimmage to perform that naked bootleg, just to get revenge.

That was the thing with Peyton: he was always the smartest player on the pitch, but he was also the most competitive. He was a master of the game of chess, but he also remembered that once I had had him seven years earlier and he wanted me back.

That’s why he’s one of the greatest of all time.

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