Sadhwani Takes Week 3 In Arena Kings Season 9

GM Raunak Sadhwani cruised to victory in Week 3 of Arena Kings’ ninth season on Wednesday, beating IM Le Tuan Minh in the final 3-2 to deny Le a second straight win .

The semi-finalists were general managers Jose Martinez and Benjamin Bok. A total of 1,345 players have joined this week’s Arena Kings.

How to watch?

Live stream of this Wednesday’s tournament, hosted by commentator NM James Canty III.

The tournament started with the usual two-hour arena, followed by a knockout tournament between the top 16 finishing streamers. Arena and KO are played with 3+0 time control.


GM’s success Hikaru Nakamura at the 2022 FIDE Grand Prix continues to keep him away from Arena Kings, but there was plenty of action to be had. With 85 players streaming, the show gave us the streams of Le, WCM Rebecca Selkirk (@hashtagchess), GM Robert HesseAndrew Horne (@chessheroesttv), and @Bikfootall interspersed with Canty’s brand of informative and exciting analysis.

As usual, the players who qualified for the knockout were a mix of titled stars and sub-2500 streamers. Leading all Arena players with 76 points (+23 -6 =2) was @siddharthsarma_2003 while the leader of the titled players, with 74 points (+21 -6 =2), was @sychev_on_youtube.

knock out

Both Arena leaders were knocked out in the first round, swept 2-0 by Martinez and IM Renato Terry.

Sadhwani’s path to the final is over @ChessBruh630GM Alan Pichot and Martinez, while Le got there @LoLsuppAddictGM Vugar Rasulov and Bok.

Sadhwani’s quarter-final against Pichot was a 4.5-3.5 barnburner, with five straight draws after a 1-1 start before Sadhwani finally broke through.

Le needed three games against Bok to reach the final while Sadhwani swept Martinez 2-0 including a very well played opener.

The finals were very close, with White winning the first four matches. However, Sadhwani was able to win the fifth match with Black in spectacular fashion.

All Games | Week 3 Finals

Rankings, results, prizes

Sadhwani took home $500 for his win, with Le’s second place earning him $350. Martinez and Bok won $200 each. Fifth through eighth each won $100 and ninth through 16th received $50 (pending fair play confirmation). Below you can see the full knockout standings:

Arena Kings Season 9 | Week 3 | Final knockout standings

Rank username The country Rating
1 @champ2005 2922
2 @wonderful time 3027
3-4 @Jospem 2937
3-4 @GMBenjaminBok 2862
5-8 @Zhigalko_Sergei 2922
5-8 @platy3 2851
5-8 @MITerryble 2825
5-8 @vugarrasulov 2768
9-16 @AtabayevSaparmyrat 2771
9-16 @Sychev_on_YouTube 2664
9-16 @FritziSchach_Twitch 2362
9-16 @SundramNaam2SunaHoga 2192
9-16 @Leapmanpepa 1811
9-16 @ChessBruh630 1710
9-16 @siddharthsarma_2003 1693
9-16 @LoLsuppAddict 1265

Full arena rankings here.

All prices are published in the results report here.

Arena Kings is a weekly tournament held on Wednesdays by It is a two-hour arena followed by a knockout with the top 16 players. The arena begins at 9:00 a.m. PT/6:00 p.m. CEE.

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