Supernatural provides the perfect setup for a video game

The CWs Supernatural finally wrapped up its 15 season in 2020, airing a staggering 327 episodes. SupernaturalTV ratings haven’t always been the best in its 15 years, but they’ve remained popular enough to warrant the show’s renewal season after season. Supernatural has a dedicated fanbase, which has made the show a full-fledged multimedia franchise, with a Supernatural tabletop board game available in addition to merchandise, a novel series, an anime adaptation, and more.


There are plans to continue the franchise through a Supernatural spin-off show called The Winchesters it would be about John and Mary Winchester, the parents of the original series’ heroes Sam and Dean, with Dean actor Jensen Ackles returning to produce and narrate. However, there have been other attempts to get Supernatural ground spin-offs to no avail, and while a pilot has been ordered for the new show, it’s too early to tell if anything will actually come out of it.

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But while a new Supernatural The show will likely appeal to fans of the franchise, there’s another area where the series could get a new lease on life, and that’s through video games. There was never any real Supernatural video game, but the show really has the perfect setup for a solid video game offering. And while some may think it would be too late to move forward with a Supernatural game, the thing is, the game wouldn’t even have to sell only to fans of the franchise. The notion of Supernatural would have broad appeal as a video game and could be a real hit in the right hands.

Supernatural cooperative shooter


The most obvious route a developer could take with a Supernatural The spin-off game would be to create a co-op third-person shooter where one player plans to become Dean Winchester and the other takes on the role of Sam (or maybe up to 4-player co-op by throwing characters like Castiel, Jack or Bobby in the mix). The hypothetical game could take players through the main storylines of the series, while confronting them with the various creatures the Winchesters have faced in the series, such as vampires, werewolves, ghouls, ghosts, and more.

Dean and Sam do a lot of filming in the Supernatural series, but it would be important for this hypothetical game to also have melee combat. Throughout the show, Sam and Dean hit ghosts with iron bars to make them dissipate, and they also cut off numerous vampire heads using a machete. In the case of vampires, players will likely have to combine shooting and melee combat, immobilizing enemies with bullets laced with dead man’s blood, then closing in with a machete to kill him.

Supernatural gameplay would include more than fighting

The bones of a potential Supernatural the video game should probably be a cooperative shooter, but there should be more than just monster fights. the Supernatural The TV show features plenty of action sequences, but it also features characters investigating supernatural crimes and traveling across the United States. Various detective games have already shown how these moments can translate to the game medium, with players having to investigate crime scenes and choose dialogue options when interacting with locals.

The only question is how exactly these cases would be presented to the player. One option would be for players to select cases from a menu or be guided from place to place in chronological order. Another option would be for the Supernatural video game to take an open-world approach, allowing players to travel across the Midwest, tackling cases in any order as they also deal with the overall narrative threat.

Along the way, players could earn rewards and skill points that could be used to purchase new weapons or upgrade existing gear. And of course, all of that gear would be stored in the trunk of Dean’s 1967 Chevy Impala, which would be the main mode of transportation in the game.

Supernatural Game Scenario

supernatural batman cw sam dean

A Supernatural the video game could tell a completely original story starring Sam and Dean, like the novels do, but it could also be based on the TV series. There are many scenarios to choose from Supernatural‘s 15 seasons on the air, but it would make more sense to start at the beginning and perhaps go through the history of the first five seasons of the show, since that was originally when the show was supposed to be to end.

So if the Supernatural the game was a hit, subsequent seasons might be added as DLC or even a sequel. Again, it may be best to keep things simple, focused on Sam and Dean hunting monsters without throwing Lucifer, God, Angels and Demons War, etc.

While the Supernatural TV series seem to provide the perfect setup for a video game experience fans shouldn’t hold their breath for one. It’s not exactly a high-level IP that requires developers to knock down doors, but if one ever materializes, it would have potential as a cooperative third-person shooter.

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