Tables set up at Kaderuna Primary School, Budaka

As promised by the sports organization DIDA (Develop, Inspire, Discipline, Achieve), the “Chess in Schools” program in Ugandan schools has been stepped up.

A number of chess tables have been installed at Kaderuna Primary School in Budaka District, Eastern Uganda.

The metal tables were handed over by DIDA volunteer Mohammed to teacher Annet Faith Baluka and deputy school principal Kadyama Jackon (school principal Patrick was unable to attend).

The students were very enthusiastic about the chess tables.

This will further stimulate the school’s chess program.

The chess tables are installed by DIDA in collaboration with the Royal Dutch Chess Federation and Stedon.

They have also done a commendable job in the Netherlands with nearly 200 chess tables now installed in over 100 locations and 52 municipalities, since Jesús Medina Molina launched the Urban Chess initiative in 2018.

To begin with, DIDA is a Community Interest Company (CIC) based between London and the Budaka district in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

Students of Kaderuna Primary School in Budaka district play chess on the installed chess tables

Stedon makes €100 available to DIDA for each gaming table delivered to the Netherlands.

At the end of May 2022, the amount available for Uganda will already be €5,200.

DIDA’s mission is to help Ugandan children develop their sporting and social skills.

This objective fits perfectly with the values ​​of the KNSB.

With the support of DIDA, we help children in Uganda and in this way the sport of chess is also promoted “without limits”.

Playing chess outside is good for social cohesion, integration, against loneliness and good for the brain.

An “urban chess court” connects people and challenges everyone to stay mentally fit.

On January 29, 2022, a sponsorship agreement was signed by President Bianca de Jong-Muhren with Stedon and DIDA.

Other DIDA partners include; Sportsleo, Distil Management Ltd, SkyScout GroupBritish African Business Alliance, Som Chess Academy as well as the Chess Parents and Guardians Association Limited Uganda (CPGA).

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