The ban on online games in Karnataka has had a negative impact on chess.

The recent ban on online games, including “skill game” implemented by the state government of Karnataka, has had a negative impact on the state’s chess ecosystem, according to the Association. Karnataka State Chess (KSCA)

DP Ananth, president of the Karnataka State Chess Association, said the ban has hampered sponsorship from companies, especially online skill game companies affected by the bill, and in turn affected organizations like KSCA.

“We call on the honorable state government to make the necessary changes to the law and help skill games like chess thrive in the state and country,” he said. .

Chess is among the most popular sports in Karnataka with players in all parts of the state. Currently, there are over 6,000 registered players who have brought many laurels to the state at national and international tournaments. At this point, Karnataka’s ban on online games, including “skill games”, hurt corporate sponsorships and tournaments, which have been helpful in many ways, began to dry up and this is clearly a setback for the ecosystem as the threat looms. uncertainty due to the ban hampered sponsorship.

The Confederation of All Indian Traders and the Internet and Mobile Association of India had also raised concerns about the ban. They had pointed out that the ban would prevent many companies from operating, as hundreds of desi game development studios are based in Bengaluru, and they will eventually lose contracts and customer bases.

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In addition, the courts have also defended “games of skill” and above all, it is authorized by the Constitution. In addition, experts say the blanket ban would increase the rise of black markets and other illegal offshore gambling.

The Karnataka Legislative Assembly has implemented the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Bill 2021 to ban online gambling and betting involving all forms of betting.

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