The Best Tabletop RPG Freebies for Free RPG Day 2022

Free RPG Day 2022 will see tabletop game studios handing out free content to role-playing veterans and newcomers alike. Here are some of the best gifts.

On June 25 (or July 23 outside the US), tabletop RPG developers like Scout or Dungeons & Dragons will celebrate Free RPG Day by releasing and promoting free role-playing content. This content includes quickstart rules, game modules, and storytelling resources that can help new players get started in roleplaying and introduce veteran roleplayers to new settings and systems. Here are a few tabletop game companies that are worth checking out on Free RPG Day because of the great and engaging free game products they’ve released over the past few years.

The first Free RPG Day in 2007 was heavily inspired by the Free Comic Book Day used by North American comic book publishers like DC, Marvel, and Image to promote their publications. Comic book publishers typically offer free copies of classic comics or early issues of long-running series, encouraging potential customers to purchase subsequent issues or trade in paperbacks. Tabletop game publishers like Dungeons & Dragons‘Wizards Of The Coast, Paizo, and Modiphius Entertainment take a similar approach on Free RPG Day, frequently releasing free Quickstart game modules with a compact campaign premise, basic explanation of RPG rules, and pre-game characters. writings that players can use to jump. directly into the role-playing action. These freebies also incentivize players to purchase the core rulebooks and gamemaster guides needed to run more elaborate and detailed RPG campaigns.


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The following tabletop game companies are all official participants of the Free RPG Day 2022 event, partnering with the Gaming Days organization to provide game stores around the world with free booklets, campaign mods, accessories and other useful tabletop RPG resources. Most of the material these companies release are quick-start modules for their more iconic tabletop RPG products, while others act as previews of new role-playing content they plan to release.

Free RPG Day 2022 – Pathfinder and Starfinder Quick Starts By Paizo

Free RPG Day Quickstart Freebies Pathfinder Content Starfinder

Paizo, the tabletop game company behind the Scout heroic fantasy RPG system, plans to release two short adventure modules for Free RPG Day. The first free version is a Scout campaign module called A handful of flowers, an ironic level 3 adventure where a group of magical plants called Leshys seek revenge on the pompous aristocrat who kidnapped them from their forest to use as centerpiece decorations at a tea party. The second free version is a star seeker space fantasy RPG module called Skitter Warp, featuring a tale about a spaceship crew trying to rescue one of their own from an alien planet where cosmic storms have transformed the colonists into an angelic or demonic version of themselves.

ROOT: RPG Quickstarts published by Magpie Games

Talking Animal Critter RPG ROOT Tabletop Role Playing Game

Magpie Games, the studio behind the new Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG and the teenage superhero game Masks: a new generation will release a Quickstart for the upcoming Free RPG Day 2022 called Talon Hill. This module, made for the RPG adaptation of the company ROOT board game, will put players in the shoes of fantastic adventurers who are also Wind in the willowsstylish talking animals trying to bring peace to the magical woods where they live.

Conan, Star Trek, Dune and Fallout RPG Quickstarts by Modiphius

Modiphius Entertainment VIA Modiphius Table Games

Game studio Modiphius Entertainment, founded by British game designer Chris Birch and his wife Rita, frequently acts as a retail channel where developers from different walks of life can promote and sell their tabletop games. Modiphius is also an editor of original tabletop RPG settings such as Achtung! cthulhu and RPG adaptations of iconic sci-fi and fantasy franchises like Star Trek, Dune, Fallout, Homeworldand Conan the Barbarian, each built around their property 2d20 role-playing rules. Modiphius Entertainment has yet to announce what content they will be submitting for Free RPG Day this year, through a recent Screen Rant interview with Chris Birch hinted at a new original game IP and a prequel to Achtung! cthulhu which may be revealed soon.

Free RPG Day 2022 – Tier 1 Indie RPG Anthology by Tier 9 Games

Free RPG Day Quickstart Freebies Content Level 1 Indie RPG Anthology

Level 9 Games is a small but prolific indie game studio with a library of generally light and light RPGs – a tribute to the classic J&D/Scout dungeon crawling called Mazesa comedy RPG “Beer-And-Pretzels” called The Kobolds ate my baby!a star wars action figure inspired by the space-opera RPG called rebel scum, etc. For Free RPG Day this year, Level 9 Games will release the final volume of their Tier 1: Indie RPG Anthologya collection of short but creative indie role-playing game concepts from up-and-coming game developers.

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