The Fiji Times »Chess inspires young Fijian representative


Chess Fiji’s youngest player Tanvi Prasad left her mark in the sport after competing in the 2021 World Chess Olympics.

Prasad is the youngest player in the Fiji squad to take part in the recent competition.

“After years of watching my brother and father play chess, I finally found the courage to participate in my first tournament at the age of six,” said the student from Jai Narayan College in Suva.

“After that, I started to participate in many chess tournaments.

“At first I didn’t perform well in tournaments, but after a while I took control of the game and at the age of nine I was selected to represent my country in my very first Chess Olympiad.

“After a while, I started to realize how much I love chess. A lot of people think that chess is just an ordinary board game, but for me and for many other players, chess is more than just a sport.

“It’s a very complex and logical game that helps you recognize patterns and test your memory. As a result, it can help people develop important life skills. “

This year’s Chess Olympiad was a great success for the Fiji team. It was the first time Fiji had qualified for Division Three since 1979.

“All the players worked hard and we were able to exceed all expectations.

“My personal score at the end of the competition was 8/11 in division four and 3.5 / 9 in division three.

“After the competition I realize that Fiji have performed exceptionally well, especially since we don’t have an official coach.”

Prasad said chess is considered a male dominated sport.

“I want to change this mindset. I encourage anyone reading this to think about learning to play chess while in lockdown.

“Remember, you can never be too old or too young to start something new.”

She scored 5.5 points in eight games at the 2020 FIDE Online Chess Olympiad.

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