Thunder Road Vendetta Board Game

A deadly new driving board game has been released from the team at Restoration Games, offering a chance to play the classic combat racing game first released in 1986. Complete with 5 double-sided road signs, 12 mini cars, mini choppers, move dice, fracture dice and more, the game features an action-packed death race for 2-4 players ages 10 and up.

Each game lasts about 30-75 minutes, allowing you to enjoy “post-apocalyptic mayhem” with your friends or family. Early Bird Pledges are now available for the Creative Project from around $50 or £38 (depending on current exchange rates).

Thunder Road: Vendetta

“In 1986, Thunder Road unleashed carnage. Today, we’re bringing back that dusty, blood-splattered homage to post-apocalyptic mayhem – with a complete overhaul from David Chalker and Brett Myers and a fresh coat of paint from artist Marie Bergeron. To run. Firearm. To survive. The rest are details. THUNDER ROAD VENDETTA is a game of fast turns, intense interactions and risky decisions. Your crew will cross perilous roads, avoid dangers, crash into other cars and fire these weapons. Or, when all else fails, CALL THE CHOPPER!

If the Thunder Road: Vendetta crowdfunding campaign successfully meets its required pledge goal and project completion progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur around November 2022. Learn more about the board game project Thunder Road: Vendetta, check out the promotional video below.

“You control a crew of three cars: LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL. At the start of the turn, players roll their four movement dice. On your turn, assign a die to one of your cars. Once during the round, you may also assign a die to your command board. If you end your move with a car in your line of sight, perform a shooting attack to see if you hit. If your car takes damage, place a token on the dashboard and resolve any effect. If a car takes two hits, it becomes unusable. When two cars share a space, roll the slam die and the direction die to see who moves. If your car is bigger, you can request a raise.

For a complete list of all available pledge options, stretch goals, additional media, and full specs for the board game, head over to the official Thunder Road: Vendetta crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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