Try Crokicurl in Maple Grove

5:13 p.m. | Friday, January 21, 2022

Crokicurl is a combination of the crokinole board game and the sport of curling. The sport may have originated in Canada, but you can try it out in Maple Grove this weekend.

“It’s the first in Minnesota,” said an enthusiastic Tanya Huntley of Maple Grove Parks and Rec.

The sport was first played in Winnipeg, Canada. Huntley says Maple Grove just created Minnesota’s only Crokicurl rink.

It’s as if you were on a life-size Crokinole board game. Maple Grove built the Central Park skating rink. They ingeniously made their rocks with wheels of lacrosse nets.

The town of Maple Grove has erected the only Crokicurl rink it knows of in Minnesota. Saturday 1/22 and Sunday 1/23 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. they will be hosting introductory events demonstrating how to play Central Park.

“You get four stones. Our goal is to shoot the boulders into the center hole or button. Then each color layer or circle corresponds to a different number of points. So 20 points for pressing the button. Fifteen points for the red circle. Ten points for white. Five for blue, then zero points if you’re on the outside,” Huntley said.

The game is simple and fun.

Two people can play Crokicurl together, or you can have teams of two to four people.

“So the goal is just to know your opponents are going wild and then score the most points,” Huntley said.

It’s first come first served. There is no registration. And this weekend, the Maple Grove Parks and Recreation Department will be available Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to help people who want to learn more about this fun outdoor winter activity that just arrived from Canada. .

“It’s a free activity that we’re just offering and an extra activity to the community in hopes of getting some people outside in the winter and staying active and healthy,” Huntley said.

If you want to play during the week, go to the boiler room office to unlock the stone box. Huntley says if the game takes off, they will continue to modify and improve their rocks and equipment and possibly increase the number of rinks.

For more information on the Intro to Crokicurl event on Saturday and Sunday, visit the Maple Grove Parks and Recreation Facebook page.

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