Washington Nationals news and notes: Davey Martinez on Stephen Strasbourg and Joe Ross; other injury updates…

Strasbourg and Ross update time:

Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo told 106.7 to the FAN in DC’s Sports Junkies on last Wednesday’s show that rehab debutants Stephen Strasburg and Joe Ross were eager for a chance at get out of West Palm Beach, Florida, and go to a branch to start doing rehab. starts on the way back to the majors.

When they’re ready, they’ll be back, Rizzo said, no matter what happens with the team, which struggled in the first two months of the year, and started this weekend’s streak. end in Milwaukee 13 games under .500 after 39 games.

The question, paraphrased for the sake of brevity, was whether there was a scenario in which it might make more sense to just allow a pitcher like Strasbourg or Ross to rebuild for the rest of the year with an eye on 2023. if there were any problems. or setbacks as they work to get back into the majors, as the team doesn’t seem to want to compete right now…

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“When athletes and players, pitchers are healthy, they’re going to pitch,” Rizzo said firmly.

“That’s what they do for a living, that’s what they get paid to do, so when we consider Joe Ross and Stras and anybody else that’s on the [IL], which is a long list of guys, when we deem them ready to compete in the big leagues and help us in the big leagues, they’ll be raised like any other season because that’s what we do. That’s what these guys get paid for, and that’s what they want to do. I think a healthy player, a healthy pitcher, if you wanted to hold them through the year, they wouldn’t let you because they’re healthy and they’re throwing to win their life and that they are competitors and that is what they want to do.”

Right now, both starters are on the same schedule, kicking off pretend play in West Palm Beach as they build arm strength and endurance with an eye out for juvenile rehab debuts soon… ish…

“I think we’ve got a schedule in place for all of our pitchers,” Rizzo said, “Stras and Joe Ross in particular, that we’re going to build them up to a point where they’re going to a subsidiary soon to make debuts. rehab. I don’t know exactly where they are. I know right now the last time they pitched two innings of a mock game.

“Now obviously a mock game is not the same as a minor league rehab game because it’s less competitive and that sort of thing, but they’re progressing which is the important thing and we’re seeing the light at the end where we might soon see these guys go off to rehab and then obviously end up getting here and introducing us to DC”

Both pitchers hit another milestone on Friday, throwing 43 pitches each over three innings in a simulation game. Now, the next step could be these beginnings of rehabilitation.

“They threw 43 pitches, three innings,” manager Davey Martinez told reporters in Milwaukee before the series opener with the Brewers last night, “and they came out of it feeling great, so – [they’ve] has a side tomorrow, and then [they will] be back there and hope to get [them] four innings, 60 pitches, and then we’ll go from there.

Washington Nationals Photo Day

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After each pitch tomorrow, Martinez said, “…there’s a good chance we’ll send them both to rehab, so we’ll find out more tomorrow.”

Martinez said he was thrilled to see both starters progress and have an influence on other pitchers and players working in West Palm Beach.

“I’m really excited about it, but I know both of these guys are super excited about it because they’re doing great. We can’t wait to get them back, you know. But like I said, when they come back, we want them back for the duration, but they worked really hard to come back, both of them did. So I’m very proud of what they’ve done. I know it’s hard, it’s hard when you have these injuries and you’re in Florida, but the end is near. Hopefully they will both be here in the near future. But like I said, so far they’re both fine.

“Everyone I spoke to said they were engaged every day,” the manager added.

“They go in there and do all their work, and they’ve been really good influences for the younger players as well, which is great.”

Other updates:

As he spoke about rehabbing players ahead of last night’s game, reporters asked if the club had any new information on Will Harris or anyone else in West Palm Beach.

Harris underwent surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome last season, and he’s coming back after struggling through the first two years of his 3-year/$24 million contract at DC

“Will moved back to Florida so he throws 60 feet. I know Hunter Harvey throws, he throws relievers up to 20 pitches, so that’s encouraging. The only bad news I have is that [Carter] Kieboom is going to have surgery at UCL, so he’s going to have surgery at Tommy John, so it’s a bit of a blow for us, yeah.

Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals

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Last night we talked about the Kieboom news at length in another article (which we hope we can recap here before this article. Update: we remembered it!), but Martinez discussed when the club expects his 24 years. the former infielder will be back after TJS. Kieboom was arrested in early spring with what was diagnosed as a flexor mass strain, and they hoped rest and rehabilitation would get him back on the court, but it didn’t work. He started throwing again and the pain returned.

“Yeah, we hope he’s definitely ready for spring training. It’s a bit different for a positional player, so if everything goes well, hopefully he’ll be back for the first game. spring training,” Martinez said Friday.

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